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  1. Hey I just subbed a ReMix today but it was only until now that I realized when I converted the mp3 from 256 to 192 it seems to have cut off the end of the mix. I have no idea why, and not sure if you got around to listening to it yet (probably not) but I'll update the link with the complete version tonight.

  2. Hey dood. I like ur phat CHOONS

  3. Man, I absolutely love that you rearranged some tunes from Ragnarok! Loved the OST for so long and never really came across anybody else who realized how great the music was. I am planning on rearranging a few tracks myself like "Streamside" and "Peaceful Forest". Thanks again!

  4. Right man! Miss the place and it's grown bigger than ever, shit. So many big things going on. I've been doing quite good though, just enjoying the little things. Still on the path towards getting that coveted "OC ReMixer" title :P Hope things are going well down in them Knoxville parts! Oh yeah, and since I haven't seen you in a while, here, have some judghate:


  5. My girlfriend just beat Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and I saw your name on the credits for sound design. I was like "Hmm... that name sounds familiar!". Rock on, just thought I'd let you know the game sounded great.

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