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  1. I know nothing of my remix skills either, so this will be a learning experience for everyone but I think I have decided on an original FF remix. I have already started tabbing out the notes for my guitar, I have the overworld, town, shop, battle (including victory of course), and castle of ordeals recorded so far. Town is my favorite so far I think (probably because it is so easy to pick out all of the parts) Edit: Not castle of ordeals, but rather Garlands Castle. And I also have the regular castle theme, and ahead on our way (bridge intro theme)
  2. Well one of my other ideas was that there aren't enough Dr. Mario ReMixes. But you guys are right about there being enough CT ones, but if there is a song on there that I like that isn't yet done, I might consider it too. But any ideas on any songs that might sound good in acoustic would be appreciated.
  3. I was thinking that I might try to start ReMixing, but I figured I would take a different approach than the usual synthesized. I have an acoustic guitar, and I can play a few things, and I was thinking I would try to mix something together with it and either some vocal beatboxing or I would figure out some synthed beat or something. Here is everyones chance to either talk me out of it, or encourage me etc. I figure I would probably do a Chrono Trigger song, or something else completely random that I haven't thought of yet.
  4. That's what I thought the first time, but then I listened to it again and it is definitely a frogs theme remixed to the sexiest max, very nice. My only complaint is the beginning, it sounds a little rushed when the sweet bass line starts to come in and it doesn't come in as smoothly as it should (considering how smooth the song is as a whole). but that is just my opinion
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