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  1. Sorry to bump such an ancient thread, but in case Escariot or Mustin are looking for this:
  2. Don't be frightened --- Edit, 13 years later: Here's the original track.
  3. Why not all three? (I'm a sucker for them guitar battles ) I love you. O_O
  4. Not to me =)I'm going to try to find a way to give Amphibious back its momentum, I promise.
  5. Okay, first of all, the mods said VTH "sounds flat and dull", and Vig referred to the sections of the song as "medleytits". That was enough to make me never want to try to submit it again. OCR's pretty high-bar...plus some of the judges have no problem being disrespectful to others. ...Secondly, here's the story of what's up with Amphibious: I borrowed a friend's GNX4 to record the guitar-work and he overwrote the effects I'd used. I tried to recreate them, but couldn't get things sounding right. So I'm either going to (1) have to spend a LOT of time re-engineering the effects (I mean a LOT) or (2) Re-record pretty much everything. So that pretty much killed the creative drive I had for that song for the moment. (even though it's been a 2- or 3-week "moment". =P) I *did* work on that keys solo like I promised, but I think it's pretty much trash. Here, listen.
  6. Wow! Don't post for 2 days and all the songs are taken. Yeah, count me in. Should I just start making concepts and then see if any 'vets' want to jump onboard afterward? Or does anyone have an interest in tackling it with me? I'd really like to do some guitar work for whatever mix I do.Edit: After listening to the Epilogue track a bit more, I really think I want to do something with a latin feel. So if someone's particularly thinking in that direction, PM me or something. =)
  7. Wow, I'm honored to have been invited to participate in this! I feel my particular strengths are: *Creating new / original chord progressions, which I feel can help separate remixes from their source track. (However original a chord progression can get. =P ) *Guitar/bass guitar (I can do live recording and play in multiple styles.) *I'm the most comfortable with rock music, so if anyone's interested in making a rock mix... Of course, I'm up for trying anything. =)
  8. Ambient, just because you can't hear the melody doesn't mean it's not there. =P
  9. Wait, what? I definitely missed that one. As did I As did I. I think he's talking about the melody going in runs of 3rds at times possibly. (Which is what the Wind Scene melody is mainly comprised of.) Sorry, can't take credit for any subliminal references. That's luck. P.S. I *promise*, I'm trying to find time to finish it. I won't leave you!!!!!!
  10. Minirogue: That's why I'm going to re-record the intro bass. =P Had to go to a job interview today, hopefully I can use most of the rest of the day to record more parts for this.
  11. Geoffrey Taucer/Zircon: I follow ya. =) Thanks for the feedback again.
  12. Geoffrey Taucer, OA, and Zircon: That's great that you think I should extend it. Maybe next time take note of the big, captial "WIP" in the thread title? =P (And the other posts where I said there would be more) (Thanks for the feedback though )
  13. Okay, I've decided that where the demo leaves off, I'm going to have a solo section where the keyboard, bass, and guitar (probably in that order) get to solo. It's going to be hard to have them interact like a real jazz rhythm section would since it's not going to be a live recording, but I'm going to try my best. thanks for the feedback, all. I'll make sure to be true to the sound instead of to what I think will be more "OCR".
  14. Those are pretty much my thoughts, RossK. =P Glad someone agrees. Plus, I've heard remixes on OCR that sound pretty much exactly like the original, so if los judges don't like the originality, who cares, you know?
  15. Amphibious I'm actually doing this for a fun little experiment I'm part of at another web site, but I'll submit it to OCR if I think it stands a chance. The bass/rhythm guitar/lead guitar are all recorded by me, and drums and keyboard are sampled/soundfonted. I need to re-record most of it, but what I have down is pretty decent. I'm going to add an improv solo section for guitar and possibly keys, and then an outro. Edit: Forgot to ask - is this too far from the original tune to be an OC Remix? The only real similarity is the melody.
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