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  1. Pandarens....no. There are about 4 of them in azeroth and they are a joke race really...
  2. WoW already is so much like diablo 2....talent trees remind you of anything? So far...jewelcrafting and socketed items are what I am most excited for, next would be the new races.
  3. was taken from here http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/paladin.html Weaknesses: Doesn't have as many combat options and strengths as the Warrior Cannot equip as many weapon types as the Warrior Very gear dependant class Challenges: * Learning the proper Blessings and aura type for each battle * Remembering to use Blessings on everyone as needed * Mastering healing techniques Class Role Paladins are the consummate knights in shining armor, meant to be in the thick of things. Their defensive abilities allow them to stand toe to toe with monsters and take a beating - they are tanks overall. This is not the sole purpose of a Paladin, of course; their auras, seals, heals and resurrection spells give them the chance to act as a support healer. Sounds more like a support class to me.
  4. Oddly enough, Xlink is easier to get running than plugging a mouse into your PC. As long as you have a network card and a crossover cable, you'll be connected instantly. not...really since you ahve to change a few of your router ports and settings. Well, atleast I did.
  5. I was on from like...8:30 to 10 or so and no one cam on. :/
  6. bah! I miss you guys every night!
  7. so...9 pm central is the time to be on? every night?
  8. bah, dont think I can make it on tonight. (dont think im a member again until sunday anyways. ) but..I'll try, if not I wont be able to get on until monday.
  9. ...seems like xbox live is full of those, foulmouthed texans that is.
  10. I used to be in the old clan...and im starting to play again so send me an invite will ya? Tag is PhantomSky2
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