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    Sony PS3

    About 4 days ago I saw the bigger PS3 sell for $580...I had jumped on Ebay to check something else and did a search on PS3's just out of curiosity... It was at $450 with about 10 min to go and I was seriously thinking on bidding for that lower price. Didn't though because I'm not too much into video games anymore (time). Find it interesting that I saw some PS3's going for barely over list. I think the majority of people who bought the PS3's on release date did it just with the sole intention of reselling. There were literally pages of solid PS3's at very reasonable prices ($50-$200 over list) with no bids. I honesly think this new generation was released when there was too much lif left in the current one. Add that to the fact that the visual/performance leap isn't nearly as great as it was from NES to SNES or Genesis to PSX... I think the video game industry has a new type of problem on their hands....wait and see...
  2. You do know that the honor you accumulate doesn't show up until the next day...
  3. I believe the expansion is expected for this fall/winter (probably right before Christmas). As far as WHERE to roll? Your guess is as good as mine. Unfortunately, one of the janitor's at Blizzard must've spilled coffee all over the servers because they are ALL having problems right now. To get an idea idea, check out this link. or this. or even this. Regular players should get the joke. Your best bet is to ask in a few server forums as to which are the most reliable. I play exclusively on Silvermoon because the majority of the people I know regularly play there and the lag is sporatic and aweful. I'm currently close to hitting rank 10 and yesterday the Battlegrounds were locking up at the end of the game, booting people, labeling them deserters and not giving them proper honor or tokens to boot. However, the game is still VERY fun and addictive if you can put up with all the technical issues Blizzard has been throwing at us lately. I'd really suggest going horde if you're serious about starting over. Seems like all the decent and good players eventually all go that way. Really helpful and nice to have in terms of raids and battlegrounds.
  4. Hey guys...i've gotten a lot of requests to create a running list of who's on what server...I apologize for letting the thread run so long without doing so... pst me with your character's name and server and i'm gonna add it to the first post.
  5. I'll keep my original post way down below...i've gotten a lot of requests to create a running list of who's on what server...I apologize for letting the thread run so long without doing so... pst me with your character's name and server and i'll add it to the list. Server / OCRemix Name / Char Name / Race / Class / Archimonde / Ramaniscence / ? / Tauren / ? / Alleria / Raenok / ? / Orc / Shamen / Balnazzar / GeckoYamori / Geckoyamori / Night Elf / Rogue / Bleeding Hollow / xinster / xinster / Undead / Mage / Bleeding Hollow / xinster / Xinister / Tauren / Druid / Bleeding Hollow / xinster / xinlink / Undead / Warlock / Bleeding Hollow / xinster / androgenisis / Tauren / Warrior / Bleeding Hollow / xinster / popdog / Undead / Priest / Bleeding Hollow / xinster / xaeroth / Orc / Hunter / Bloodhoof / Ethis / Ethis? / Troll / Hunter / Darkspear / Beatdown / ? / ? / Rogue / Daggerspine / Tamwyn / Deranus / Human / Rogue / Durotan / xamgis / Hailfly / Gnome / Mage Emerald Dream, EUR. / mecca / mecca? / ? / ? / Frostmane / Blizihizake / Blizihizake / ? / ? / Frostmane / Blizihizake / RoflesBurger / ? / ? / Frostmourne / cheese-cube / Rashaverak / Undead / Mage Gorefiend / Zircon / Zircon? / Horde / ? / Gurubashi / Sir Arek the Absolute / Mumbo / Troll / Warrior / Illidian / RenoCovault / Anaericus / ? / ? / Iliddian / Ramaniscence / ? / Troll / ? / Kael-Thas/ GroundTrooper1130 / Icaerenus / ? / Mage/ Kalecgos / Blizihizake / Blizihizake / ? / ? / Khaz'goroth / TheRedBob / Pyeikel / Night Elf / Rogue / Maelstrom / Slut / Solitaire / ? / Paladin / Maelstrom / Slut / Kattara / ? / Thief / Shadowmoon / hamburgler / Aristh / Human / Paladin / Shadowmoon / hamburgler / Maya / Night Elf / Druid / Shadowmoon / M1N1M3 / Colrin / Tauren / Hunter / Silvermoon / AragornX45 / Aragornx / Human / Mage / Smolderthorn / Snooper_1989 / ? / Troll / Mage / Smolderthorn / suzumebachi / Chuckster / Horde / ? / Spinebreaker / xamgis / Screir / Troll / Rogue Stormscale / Russell Cox / ? / Horde / Twisting Nether / suzumebachi / mason / Human / Palidan / Twisting Nether / The wingless/ True / ? / Warlock / Twisting Nether / XxcastxX / Virgil / Night Elf / Hunter / Twisting Nether / DJBren / Bugsi / Gnome / Rogue / Let me know if something here is incorrect or if you want to be added. Here's my original post... Ok...so the game's been out for what, a year now? My brother bought the game a long time ago, but never played it because he didn't want to pay the monthly fee. About 3 weeks ago it was a crappy day and I had nothing to do for a few hours before going out to the bar. So I decided to install and use the 10 day trial...Needless to say, I was hooked. The game is amazing and I wish that my computer was new enough so that I could enjoy the game's graphics at its best. However, besides the dungeons, the game seems to turn into little more than "Kill X amount of Y creatures" or "Collect X amount of Y materials" and return for a reward. There seems to be very little horde/alliance interaction. The proffessions often seem pointless as well as you can often find or loot items that are better than what you can create (with the exception of maybe alchemy). Despite this, I still love it and find myself wasting lots of my time playing WOW. I was just curious to hear thoughts from those who have been playing WOW (or any MMORPG) for a couple months. What's it like at those upper levels when there isn't much left to do?
  6. All time hardest boss... This thread!!! AHHHH WILL IT NEVER DIE!??!?!?!?!!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOO....it still lives...failed again...................................
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