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  1. Hey, the threads alive again! Well.. it's kinda shameful, but I haven't been able to work on it much since I got it started thanks to life. Here's the beginning WiP for Mysterious Woods, http://www.dcmperformance.com/music/Links_Awakening_-_Mysterious_Woods_ReMix_3.mp3 - towards the end of the song is where I always test, so it might seem like the song is jumping around a lot. Feedback is appreciated. ;)

    For me the drums doesn't work for this style of music, it sounds very midi'ish while still it sounds like you try to emulate a real drumkit. In several of the fills/breaks, the crash was way off target. The bassline in the intro had some potential but lacked the extra touches to really groove. Keep working on it man.

  2. Thanks, that was an awesome response! I agree with you on many of your points, and i'm actually rewriting big parts of the song. It will feature on my soon-to-come EP, and i want it to be as good as I have the ability to make it. I'm a huge electro fan, but i'm also trying to take this somewhere new, if you catch my drift.

    Thanks again, I'll post it when it's done!


  3. I like it. 8) We need to see more of these mixes! Smooth sounding, nice bass sound and guitar is also sweet. I did't feel the frog theme too much though, but that aside it's very tasteful. If I had to come with only one complaint (which of course, i must) it would be the percussion and 'claps'. It's a good beat, but i think it could be a little tighter/more groovy. Still i must say it's one of the better wip's i've heard lately! :wink:

  4. Ok, click the link to listen. http://medlem.spray.se/dasskost2000/

    I'd be really thankful to get some of your views on this one. It's not my usual style, but i'm thinking of making more songs. I've already begun on a follow-up. The songs has a little story attached to them too.

    This song is about when a strange alien breed, called Teh Robots, lead by their mighty ruler, Teh Factory, decides to attack earth and enslave the human race. In the follow-up, you will get a hint of what the outcome of the first war was.

  5. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that this was one of kLuTz's pieces. Great piano work here. If you didn't like the cello in the original but loved the piano, then you'd absolutely love this.

    That's an insult to Klutz work. This is not worth mentioning in the same breath as klutz if you ask me :wink:

    Some of the parts is barely adequate, but for the most it's sloppy pianoplaying with simple rythm patterns. I would'nt call this a piano piece, it's more a piano tune without the rest of the band.

    Sure it's ok from an amateur perspective, but my standards for piano pieces are much higher than this.

    Btw the original is a masterpiece :)

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