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  1. Hi good people, just wanted to share one of the tracks i recently made for an animation series pilot. It's a sci-fi anime, i use many of my hardware analog synths for this track. All feedback appreciated!
  2. Where I live we only work 7,5 hours a day so there's really no problem using your spare time constructing things like houses, gardens or small recording studios, unless you're a drug addict and have to use your spare time searching for your next hit. That said, i do have 3 kids so i don't have the time i used to for making remixes and such.
  3. I've mostly done commercial work for others, as well as some tunes with my own projects/bands. Here's a tune from my punk/pop/rock band Dilillis, which got listed on national radio just before christmas and has thus far generated over 10,000,- $ in royalties. So most of the money I use is actually earned by either me getting paid for producing other acts or by generating income through radio play. http://open.spotify.com/track/1WTW19bf4rk7mEhYuoiX1F https://soundcloud.com/bratten-lydstudio/dama-drama-dr-mma-dramma Some other tunes I've recorded: https://soundcloud.com/bratten-lydstudio/maria-aas-heitmann-fall-in https://soundcloud.com/bratten-lydstudio/sara-eline-henriksen http://nrk.no/urort/Laat/421325 I'm not quitting my day job but i wouldn't spend this much money if it didn't generate some too
  4. Ok comrades, just wanted to update you all on how my studio is shaping up. Just got some nice shiny stuff like the DSI Prophet 08 and a Moog Little Phatty. Also picked up som nice older stuff like the classic Roland D-50. Oh yeah, i also bought two vintage cassette recorders, Tandberg 310 for '76 so i can get some old school tape compression if necessary. Check it out: (im still looking for nice vintage gear - recommendations accepted
  5. I payed around 25,000,- NOK for it, which is around 4,373.35 USD.
  6. Ok comrades, just wanted to update you all on how my studio is shaping up. Just got some nice shiny stuff like the DSI Prophet 08 and a Moog Little Phatty. Also picked up som nice older stuff like the classic Roland D-50. Oh yeah, i also bought two vintage cassette recorders, Tandberg 310 for '76 so i can get some old school tape compression if necessary. Check it out: (im still looking for nice vintage gear - recommendations accepted
  7. Ordered a DSI Prophet 08 and a Moog Little Phatty Stage II today! Oh the joys of christmas! Also bought a used Roland D-50 + PG-1000 programmer on ebay since last time. Really like it for super cheesy 80's sounds Testing out the D-50: The lovely Prophet:
  8. Yeah, I really want a good ribbon mic. Gonna check out the Royer 121! Been looking for a U47, but it's kinda hard to find one in good condition here in Norway. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Yeah, it's certainly something else than my old bedroom setup I'll primarily be using it for my own bands and projects. Guess there will be some renting and lending to friends as well. I probably should do some remixes too Sixto: Yeah, I got a Randall and a Bugera 4x10, but a JCM800 has already been ordered. Is nice not to rely solely on Guitar Rig anymore. I'm not sure if i'll need the variax, I have a good strat, a Les Paul Custom and a couple of super strats (Ibanez) as well as a modified jazz bass that sounds sweet DI'ed. Regarding API's i've been thinking of some 512's for my drums, as of now i'm just using the build-in pre's on my Onyx desk.
  10. Hi peeps/peepers, I just finished my new recording studio here in Bodo, Norway. I've used around 350,000,- kroner (that's about 60,000,- $) so far. All that remains are some good synths, maybe more preamps and.. well, that's why i'm asking you guys. Have around 30,000,- $ left on my budget. Can't live without the LA-2A limiter/compressor AKG allround condenser Ddrum triggers on the drumset Stuff right now: Mac Pro Octocore UA LA-2A compressor UA Twin-Finity 710 (4) Preamps Mackie Onyx 1640i Genelecs Fender Supersonic amp Mesa Boogie Express amp Komplete 8 UAD Quad with plug-ins Pro Tools 10 Cubase 6.5 Omnisphere Trilian Superior Drummer 2 Markbass Compressore Handful Radial DI's Korg Triton Roland FP-7 2 AKG 414 XL-II Røde K-2 tube mic Bunch of SM 57's Pearl Export Ddrum Triggers Akai MPD Pad controller So got a pretty good setup now, but i'd like more synths and maybe some nice controllers. Both hardware and software. Been thinking about Moog Voyager XL, though expensive. Any suggestions for the remaining budget? Cheers, Eivind
  11. Been busy with work, bands, touring, kids etc. I don't like the sound of hit and run But I've decided today that it's time to make a shot for a comeback on OCR. Gotta find an interesting source to remix.
  12. I just finished this new demo from one of my bands. I write, do backup vocals and play the bass. I've also recorded and mixed the song, though we'll re-record it in a couple of weeks in a professional studio so all feedback is greatly appreciated This project (called Trouble Circus) focus on late 70/early 80 party rock with elements of punk and metal. The song: http://www11.nrk.no/urort/1.0/track/download/678560.mp3 For live pictures and such check out: http://www11.nrk.no/urort/TroubleCircus/default.aspx Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'd like to share with you our newest tune from our demo (WIP). I play the bass as well as having recorded and produced the song. Link: http://home.no/polar2000/Trouble_Circus.mp3 Feedback appreciated! For more info about the band check out: http://www.parkenfestivalen.no/content/view/339/105/ (Hint: you have to learn norwegian first)
  14. Well-made piece, though it's a little too interpreted for my taste at some points. I'm probably going to get shot for this, but i actually hate it when someone change the main melody with the classic "take-the-last-tone-and-bump-it-up-one-note" formula. The later interpretations of the melody was great though. Overall, very high quality stuff!
  15. Me lieks it! Nice pumpin' clav that drives the groove! Swedish quality over this one
  16. Great song and excellent performance on the guitar (as i've come to expect from sixto). Very nice production values too. I'd hit it.
  17. Isn't these tracks available on Remix:ThaSauce for free already, or are these like "Composers Cut Editions"?
  18. polar-

    Ski or Die

    I've been thinking of making a ski or die mix, i just have to get a new arm to my whammy/tremolo system on my guitar. I mean, you can't play the ski or die solo without some over-the-top divebombs. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been done by anyone, it's a classic tune.
  19. Great ideas, though the timing/rythm is a little off on the piano and also on the drums. If you're using midi i'd try to quantesize a little so that part tightens up. The arrangement is good, and by what i've read you remade the synthsolo (which now sounds great) maybe you should consider reworking some other parts too, for instance the piano. On the mastering side you should try to get the mix sound more cohesive (like some of the judges suggested) and pan the instruments more. I can't really give you too much help on the details since i'm learning to mix this kind of music/genre myself, but what i do is i listen to professionally mixed tracks (metal, prog-metal and such). If you do, you'll probably hear that their sound is way better than this, that sound is possible to achieve if you analyze and try to emulate what you hear. But as said, i hope you'll work more on this mix cause it has great potential. Good luck!
  20. Great work, and as stated by everyone else, nice programming on the drums. Really cool timesignature as well! Me likes.
  21. This isn't a very interpreted piece, it's a blueprint my band will use and we're going to perform the song on our next show. Still i think it turned out pretty cool, feedback is appreciated as it's still in the works. I havent used too much time on details, as it probably will be a little altered when we perform it live. It contains some original stuff, as well as pieces from Turrican, Startropics and Secret of Mana. Oh yeah, there will be vocals and a couple of guitarsolos in the live version. The song: http://home.no/polar2000/pwned3.mp3 Cheers y'all
  22. Not as good as my favorite, go god go, but still pretty damn funny. One of the funnier moments was when an unsuspecting Kurt Russel got raped by the woodland critters... lol.
  23. I borrowed a preset from zircon's preset demo (which he posted in #ocrwip) and made this Trance tune in about 30 mins. Tonight I'm sending it to a girl i've been flirting with lately The song: http://home.no/polar2000/fuck.mp3 Cheers!
  24. Thanks for the comment Hy Bound. Ok, for all 10 of you who listened to it, i actually stayed up for like 8 hours and finished this tune. I hope you like it, i'll redo some stuff tomorrow (i need lyrics) and a guitarsolo in the end, as well as some EQ stuff. But yeah, here is what i got so far: http://home.no/polar2000/sas.mp3 Gotta tell you, i'm totally in love with this melody. I could've made 200 more songs based on it im sure =) Cheerio
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