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  1. i think a few months ago, i was working late into the night and tuned into the ocr stream on rainwave (is it?) and heard this, DLed it, and threw it on my mp3 player.

    for some reason i forgot about it completely until today when i was driving to a meeting and it just blew me away, and i've been listening to it non-stop since then. easily the best piece of music i've heard in many, many months. i listen to it and feel like im in another world or something. cliche perhaps but they exist for a reason; its just this song resonates w/me in a way i cant seem to put into words well enough. the vocals are beautiful too, gorgeous. i'm absolutely in love with this song. continue to do what you do bLiNd, its phenomenal.

  2. The Cynic Project!! This guy was one of the first artists I latched onto during the MP3 craze in the early '00s. His "Matrix [Grid]" mix is still one of my favorites, though I lost my copy of the original mix of it.

    Seeing his moniker now listed among the ranks of OC Remixers is a big deal for me. After I got all I could out of the music of his (that of which I could find) on the 'net, a couple years later I discovered OCRemix! I had a hunger for electronica, specifically dealing with vg remixes. I had no clue there was a community as vast as OCR and counted myself blessed (still do!) that was into VG Music as much as I. I've made an attempt at submitting, but I've since moved on out of the realm of musical composition trying to make my mark on the world with the written word.

    Anyway, this is really cool. :) I'm glad Cynic's still making music and this mix is fantastic! Takes me back on a number of levels - sophomore year of college, discovering all the great music on the internet through the magic of the original Napster (yes, there was a time you got music from it for free) - back to childhood in the source music - just back to a simpler, more innocent time when I heard music like this every now and then but had no clue how to get a hold of any of it for myself.

    Nice work, all around!

    pretty much this. i was playin red horizon the other day too; very awesome to know you're still making music. this track is great as well. very fun to listen to, completely made my day.

  3. that nas/bomberman 64 mashup was impressive; didn't think it would fit all that well. looking forward to listening to more of these. and I've really enjoyed most of everything people have been posting here, particularly tonedeff who i was unaware of until now (still got 'move in, ride out' in my head). anyway, great posts so far -- please post more as things come your way.

  4. figured it'd be alright posting this here after not finding any threads on hip-hop after searching.

    i came by this track the a few days ago by way of a friend, and its been in my head quite a bit since then. the source tune is from Chrono Trigger; id name it, but you'll know as soon as the track starts. i can't say too much for the lyrical content in this particular song, but the track was produced by a guy named brandun deshay, who seems to be known for his chip-tune/VGM inspired tracks.

    anyway check it out; i figured folks here would appreciate it to some degree: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw68hYsSIIE

    brandun deshay: http://brandundeshay.com/ he's got all his works posted for free DL if you're interested. you can also punch his name into youtube and find a ton of his tracks.

    EDIT: felt like i had posted this in the wrong place, sorry bout that; thanks for moving it.

  5. Legend of Legaia for PSX if you can find a copy. i heard about it back when i was in HS from a friend who loved JRPGs. he described the combat system as a mix between final fantasy and Street Fighter. i could describe it better but it's just easier if you see it for yourself. here, check out this boss fight:

    i watched him play for 20 mins and i was hooked; after borrowing it from him, i pumped something like 95 hours into the game.

    the game itself does have traditional jrpg elements (character design, random battles, plot about kid coming into his destiny to save the world etc) but it's a great game and i really enjoyed playing it. the battle system is one of my favorites to date, and the voice acting in battle scenes are also well done.

    other than this, i'll mirror recs for super mario rpg and all of the paper mario games, earthbound/mother, 2 and mother 3.

  6. i mean i couldn't forget tunes from dkc 2 and mario rpg and other games on the snes and genesis but the first game that really got me listening to game ost's was star fox 64, particularly the

    . when i heard it, i thought, "are games supposed to sound like this?" i think it was the first time i really paid attention to game music. the strings, the brass, the percussion -- surprised me how much seemingly went into a song for a game.

    incidentally, a friend of mine had grabbed the ost soon after this and kindly dubbed me a copy, and i listened to it constantly for weeks on the bus to/from school, while doin' hwk, etc. after this, it was ocarina of time and then i went back old school and started searching for ost's for megaman x games and the dkc's, sonic, secret of mana, etc, but this one got me started.

  7. This track is fantastic, been in my head for days now. First thing that caught me was how dancable it is. The way the bass and synth seem to just pulse is great; when that first lead hits I can't help but begin to bob my head on the claps. Also, I really dug how the main melody comes in on piano at the very beginning and how it's paired with the string-synth in various ways, beautiful. Sounds great at home and in the car too. This is such a well made song; I absolutely love it, and I'll be listening to it for quite some time.

  8. I was about 8 or 9, and me and some friends were staying over at a mutual friend's place, which was awesome me because I lived pretty far away from all my buddies, plus we all loved video games and planned to play them all night. Anyway, we were playing Secret of Mana, picking up where our friend got to on his own, and together we got to the part in the Mana Forest where you go through a gauntlet of bosses, including one snake monster. We knew it was weak against Sylph, so we're sitting there trying to chain magic attacks with the girl and sprite and mash away at it with the hero, but we ended up dying two or three times, which frustrated me and a few others, but my friend (whose house we were staying at) insisted the game was cheating, and tried to go it again alone after the rest of us decided to take a break. We didn't think about this at the time, but we were probably a few levels too weak.

    After failing a fourth time, my friend flies into this insane rage and begins shouting curse word after curse word at the snake, which caused the rest of us to burst into laughter; I probably had tears going down my cheeks. His mother hears the commotion and after asking what the cause of it was, our friend yells back at her that the snake was cheating, carrying on about how it wasn't fair, and that the chain attacks didn't work. I'm very certain she didn't understand any of this, and the fact that he was attempting to explain it to his mom made us laugh even harder. He became even more enraged after hearing us laugh so much at his expense that he began to attack us with a terribly weak flurry of punches (most of us were bigger/stronger than him) which nearly caused us all to die that night of laughter.

    We eventually simmered down and beat the boss, but not without mocking our friend every step of the way. He and I are still very good friends to this day, and I still laugh at him for this. The first time I played Earthbound and got to the point where "Ness realizes the power within him" was awesome, as well as the first time I went to an arcade (and got to play SF2), but that is the winner by far.

    We had a gang of his friends and mine over

    You from Los Angeles by any chance?

  9. When Blockbuster Total access offered that free movie/game rental coupon every month, I was on it. Finished Fable, Bioshock, and a few others within a week or so. My roommate will rent games occasionally though, which is cool as he'll often get co-op games on 360. I'm trying to get him to buy his own 360 now that I'm moving out though.

    Honestly though, with Gamestop allowing you to return a used game within 7 days, no questions asked for the most part, I don't rent games anymore. Anytime I'm interested in a game, I call a Gamestop and ask if they have a used one in stock. If I feel it's worth my money after a week, I keep it.

    It may seem costly as you're paying whatever Gamestop charges for a particular used game (much more than you would pay for a rental) but there's no way to get your money back at Blockbuster or whoever. usually though, I'll read up on a game quite a bit before deciding to buy it, so on the occasions when I do this, I keep a good amount of the used games I buy.

    Another thing is that I usually don't care to play too many games as soon as their released, so when I do want to check a game out, enough time has passed that there's usually a copy around my local store.

  10. I actually heard very little about Dent' date=' so little that I felt his role would be akin to Billy Dee William's original role with a minor love triangle tacked on. But the amount of presence he actually received was a surprise (and a welcome one).[/quote']

    Yup yup. I heard squat about Dent other than "Harvey Dent is in the movie." Eckhart surprised me more than Ledger did in some regards.

  11. Diracy;429363']Pencil trick... 'nuff said :shock:

    As I walked out of the theater, one of the ushers asked me if I wanted to see a magic trick.

    But wow. I was very blown away. Ledger was amazing. That script was amazing. So much happened, but it was so seamless. God, I'm gonna have to see it again.

  12. Has anybody heard anything about Left 4 Dead? it's being made by Valve

    4 player co-op Zombie survival game... I don't really know how this escaped my radar because I love Zombies and Co-op

    I heard about it last year from a friend, and I thought it was going to be released last winter so I'm sad I have to wait another year, but it looks good so far. Either way, I'm pretty gassed up for it; I don't care for zombies much, but the concept seems very badass.

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