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  1. Did anybody else notice that when you get a pure heart, the pixls do a kirby-esque dance?

    After the 4th Pure Heart, I just started humming the Kirby dance song.

    So, uh, am I the only one who was somewhat disappointed with this game? I mean, it really took away what made Paper Mario unique in the Mario franchise. For me, one of the cool aspects of the first two Paper Mario's was that you play as a 2d character in a 3d world. Now, you play as a 2d character...in a 2d world. That's exciting. Yes, I know you can flip to 3d, but you can only do so for a limited time, and the 3d world is very dumbed down, as much of the background becomes paper-thin walls. It's primarily a 2d game.

    I also feel as though the atmosphere isn't nearly as memorable as it was before. Maybe it's just because you're no longer in the Mushroom Kingdom, but I find the landscape in general to just be boring.

    I think the series needs to pick a genre and stick with it. None of this hybrid RPG-platformer crap. Because frankly, the platforming isn't nearly as good as something like Super Mario World or the old DK games (it's very slow-paced), and the RPG elements aren't as good as the other Paper Mario's.

    So now we have another platformer in the vast sea of Mario platformers. Great. Maybe I'm just biased because I liked Paper Mario so much as an RPG. Hopefully they'll continue that series, and keep Super Paper Mario as a sort of "spin-off" series, kind of like Metroid Prime and Megaman X.

    Ok, end rant.

    I think the game is made slow because of the 1-1 through 1-4 format; the homage was cute, but some of the worlds really drag out, and I found myself trudging through a few chapters to get to more of the story. I prefer the Paper Mario RPG's to SPM, but playing as Peach and Bowser and their specific abilities is interesting, making for interesing boss fights, and the story/dialog is still enjoyable like the previous Paper Mario games. I would definetly play another SPM game, but I would like to see the RPG again first.

  2. I was gonna go, but I only had money for either this or Rage at Coachella. My friend went though, and called me as Muse was doing Starlight; sounded as great as a concert can sound over the phone.

  3. Damn, I just bought my 360 a week ago thinking this thing was never going to exist. But I guess it's okay; I have no plans on buying anything that will be able to utilize the added HDMI port. Bigger HDD is nice, but seems excessive. That black is sexy though.

  4. The top five are surprising:

    yahoo.com - $2,147,483,647

    amazon.com - $1,856,624,000

    msn.com - $1,819,550,000

    google.com - $1,687,460,000

    wikipedia.org - $1,495,936,000

    It isn't surprising that any of them are in the top five, but I would've expected the order to be slightly different (aka Google on top).

    Yeah I didn't think yahoo would sit at the top, but I guess it's more popular than I thought? Also, I figured youtube'd be in the top 10 or whatever, but I guess you gotta break a billion: they came close at $997,350,000. Not bad for being around for like for only 2 years.
  5. This was one of my favorites from the Chaos Project and I was hoping that this would get submitted as well as iMushroom. Like most have already said, the SFX used in the song add that nostalgia factor and don't come off as cheezy to me. But more than that, this song is just mellow. I like how the best was introduced and also that it's taken out just a few seconds before the song ends. Good stuff.

  6. Those drums are excellent. Guitar is excellent. Thought the laugh was funny. I think what I like about this mix the most is the way the source was interpreted. The original tune is deviated from quite a bit, but you still know where it came from. Really brilliant, I thought. Acutally makes me wanna go play Guilty Gear X or something. But yeah, I enjoyed this thoroughly; I hope high-fives were given to reward the creators of this greatness.

  7. That also just reminded me of Legend of Legaia. I honestly never beat that game cause the last boss utterly dominated me.

    The first time I went to fight the last boss, I lasted 20 mins before I died. I took that to heart for some reason, and so over about a week's time, I gained maybe 10 more levels, got all the ultimate gear and just destroyed him.

  8. Took me three listens, and yeah I like this one. Vocals are great, especially the layering done with different vocal tracks, sounds lovely. I wish the drums in the first half of the song were a little... tighter? I dunno, it feels like they're a tad off beat. But the dissonance sorta adds to the song's general mood, so I guess that's a plus. This thing ends well too. Good stuff, I'm gonna throw it on my phone. Oh the whispering is awesome, btw.

  9. Just finished Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Pretty compelling story, compelling enough to toss aside studying for this cell bio midterm I've got tomorrow. I think I logged in about 20 or so hours, maybe longer. If my friend hadn't let me borrow it, I would have been worth my money. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game.

  10. Just got a second Wii today (for my lil bro) and I still had to camp out in the cold for 5 hours to get it, though that's down from 12 the first time, I guess. Looks like the demand for this thing is still high as hell.

    Many have said this before but goddamn is Excite Truck fun. It's a shame it's so limited, online play would really be great on this game.

    That's the third time I've heard that this week; I was looking to rent a game, perhaps I should start with that.

  11. I saw the name of this song and almost immediately, I burst out into laughter ("I want that purple stuff..." FTW). On principle alone I had to listen to this. I figured a song with this brilliant of a name must be some kind of good, and I wasn't disappointed. The song starts off well enough but gets really interesting after things slow down around 1:30 or so. Everything after that was just fine. This piece was a lot of fun to listen to, and I'll be enjoying it for some time.

  12. Did they update the browser overnight? Some Youtube videos don't seem to work anymore, and flash sites just seem more buggy in general.

    I was surprised to hear they worked to begin with. I DLed the browser an hour ago and not a single video would launch. Sad times.

    (edit) Youtube works (again, I guess?) from the Wii. Google video also works.

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