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  1. There is a remix I have been looking for for a long time now. I remember the remix was of the Chai kingdom (World4-1) and is either called Tanaka Waiting or Tatanga's Waiting. thats about all I remember. If anyone can push me in the right direction of how to aquire this remix or just give it to me (On a silver and gem encrusted platter preferably ) I would be happy. I loved this remix and I cant seem to findd it now. Also on a related note, f anyone is willing to remix world 4-1 from Mario land Iwqould also appreciate it. tnx.
  2. I've been playing Bahamut Lagoon on my emulator and I accidetly acessed a sound test mode. (Something weird happend with my controler and it got real hectic but anyway) I went through some of the music and I found one called Yoyo's theme and Yoyo and the sacred dragon. I already know of one remix from Bahamut Lagoon on this site (I think its remixed from one of these themes.) But I'd like to hear another one from this too. Im not going to be picky but I'd like it to be calm and serene like the original theme is. Again, i'm not being picky, you can make it however you want. Tnx to anyone who does another mix.
  3. Im looking for a song I herd called "For Endless Fight II" from Megaman Zeros 2. Im not sure if it is a remix or not but I thougth it sounded kind of like a remix. If anyone here has it or was the creator, I would more than love it if you posted it ehre or PMed it to me I'd appreciated it. Tnx.
  4. ty this site. the person who did this remix did an excilent job. http://www.nielsvanderleest.nl/song_pages/unraveling_the_mystery.php
  5. thanks for taking up my request. I dont really care that you are a noob at this (I cant really remix period so I cant really say anything) but I'm really anticipating your remix now, as well as everyone else's as well. Tnx to all.
  6. Yeah. I would like someone to remix Count Blecks theme from Super Paper Mario. I dont know if this is too early to be asking this seeing as the game just only came out a few weeks ago. Umm tnx ahead of time.
  7. Im looking for Remixes from Diddy Kong racing. Specificly the Hot Top Volcano theme. If anyone could remix that for me I would be greatful. Tnx.
  8. Im looking for a remix from the one of the Myst Games. If someone here could remix one for me, I'd be greatful. tnx ahead of time.
  9. While where on the subject of .hack, I have been having trouble finding songs from the games. If anyone has anything from thegames or any tips to finding them let me know.
  10. Hmm the all time hardest boss to me has to be... Jictice from the original Guilty Gear game I stil can't beat him
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