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  1. How do I get soundfonts I'm using to save in fruityloops without me pirating / buying Fruity Soundfont Player? Are there alternatives and, IF SO, could somebody lead me through a step by step progress on how to get them to work inside of FL studio?
  2. I think it's much too static-y. It's hard to even hear the original song in there until it cools down a little. I will also stick with rAAw Battery, and the original song.
  3. Alex Brandon -- Did you write "Rock Garden" and "Sarah's Song"? Those two were some of the best pieces of music I've ever heard, and I actually have a plugin for my winamp to play the Loudness sound system (.lds) files in all their glory. I also converted a few to .mp3 and have them on my mp3 player. Thanks for the great music for one of my favorite games ever.
  4. This was played after chapter 4 when Trent was talking about how all of Savara would worship him, and that he didn't want it.
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