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  1. Catchy comes to mind. It follows pretty much the same guidelines as the original, with a few twists here and there. The intro starting off with the original power-on sound of the game adds a nice touch, leading to one of the best remixes for the game. Hard to describe, download it for a fun song to listen to. It's one that's in my regular listening rotation. Seems simple at first, but definitely good for a fan of the game. 8.5/10
  2. Plain and simple, you can't beat AE. The intro is very interesting to listen to, even a bit haunting given the right situation. A bit "dirty" at times, but also "clean." In other words, you don't listen to this and think 'Aphex.' The single layer around 1:46 does a good job bringing the transition to a certain quietness leading to the piano at 2:00. And the piano work? Superb. It fits surprising well in a remix about QUICKman. At 2:52 I immediately had flashbacks to possibly the toughest part of any NES game, where you'd have to fall down the vertical column quickly or be crushed by the insta
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