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  1. I always did like Castlevania 2 music, despite its repeating melodic loops ... This remix does Castlevania justice and I *did* enjoy the heavy guitar theme ...
  2. Hey Illaminus, you made the mistake of thinking that this was a Killer Instincts song too, eh? When I first hear the piano come in, I was thinking ... what the hell is going on?! Then I started to actually listen to the tune ... turned out that this was a great one in the making ... IMHO, the piano was beautiful ... and once the beat kicked in ... damn! ... this song was really well done!
  3. You just gotta love remixes of Capcom game music backgrounds Cammy's theme never sounded better ... I can only hope that more great ones like this will follow ... Although, a couple of her moves didn't sound right ... "Final O" ... "Cannon Punch" ... Did these get introduced in another Street Fighter game? They weren't in Super Street Fighter 2 for SNES ...
  4. This has to be one of the best Zelda theme remixes I've heard in a while ... The beat keeps going back and forth ... its quite impressive and consistently good from start to finish ... Nicely done!
  5. This is a great remix, which deserves more appreciation than was given in the initial review which seemed to suggest it barely made the cut ... From what I can hear, it takes the original Zelda 2 Temple Theme and adds to it quite nicely ... I'm not a musician to add more detailed info ... It plays well all the way through, but at the end the song just cuts off abruptly ... making me wish it was a minute longer ...
  6. This has to be the best Doom 2 mix I've heard since E1M1 ... Man, does this ever bring back memories of the good old DOS gaming days ...
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