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  1. Although the vast majority of Extreme-G tracks were techno-trance, the music's quality was questionable at best. The beat could be felt, but something was missing. bLiNd (Jordan Aguirre) had successfully retaken one of the game's classics back in 2004, making it clearer and far more dynamic, but I still feel much of the game's music has potential - and deserves an OCR facelift. I even believe an entire project could come to life, based on the music of all three games. Thoughts?
  2. Three particular techno songs by Romolo Di Prisco stood out; Aquilla 303, Cetus 808 and Sirius 909 and their little bits inbetween from the in-game mixdowns (Atlantica Mix and Lost Canyons Mix respectively, I don't believe I've actually heard Sirius in-game though it's part of the soundtrack.) Another great techno track was Knossos, by Saki Kaskas. A revival of one of those tracks, or a medley of sorts, could be really interesting. Aquila 303, Sirius 909 and Knossos may be found here, as for the Cetus 808 link, it leads to a different song, sadly enough. http://www.nfscore.de/html/nfs3_-_downloads_-_music.html
  3. There's a strange, deep melancholy somewhere in the melody... The track is totally danceable, but through the beat, there's something so emotional.. It's soothing almost, like a secondary ambient genre within a great trance tune. I give it 10 right on even if I never listened to the original. bLiNd has never deceived me.
  4. Extremely beaty. This is just really fun to listen to and totally danceable. But then, what bLiNd tracks arent? I loved the melody, the bass did it's job and the beat was constant. Kudos on the ultra-smooth loss of tempo near the end. The ending itself is what left me wondering though, as the track could have ended at 3:56 and it would have been just fine. The dragging synth kind of threw me off after the infernal beat, kinda feels like the music has to stretch itself for the sake of lasting a little longer. Great track nonetheless. 9/10
  5. There are simply no words to describe what this ReMix does to my heart. -Meliarune
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