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  1. This is byfar my favorite OCR song. In the three years that I have been listening to songs off OCR, I have not found one that I like better. There is something about this song that just grabs me. Right around when the gutiar starts, I know that this song will be good. It then begins to shake me with an unrelenting fury while yelling "I am the best song you'll ever hear!" When things like that happen, you've got no choice but to like the song. That or go to a psychologist. Either way you win. The last 30ish second of the song is really great too. Kudos to DJP. I am supprised that not that many other people have commented on this song. Go figgure.
  2. Rize, Great Job! I've been waiting to hear a Legendary Wings remix, but I wouldn't have expected something as awesome as this! I couldn't even imagine that a guitar could make that (those) piece(s) sound so great. I especially liked the game over part at the end! That was perfect! I look forward to your next remixes!