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  1. Having been here off and on since nearly the very start of OCR, the growth and expansion of the entire VGM scene has really been amazing. Ever onward!
  2. Do you anticipate support for Aureal Vortex cards? I'm hoping the A3D API will finally get some use again.
  3. Hello! I took several tracks that you've produced and put them into a huge mix full of other OC Remix stuff. They're featured quite predominantly, so I hope you like it!


  4. Happy birthday wishes to whom I believe is still the most interesting remixer on the site.

  5. I used a segment of K. Praslowicz "Fear and Sufferance" remix as my primary ringtone on my phone for about 4 years now.
  6. Using FL always makes me feel like I'm cheating myself somehow. The cutesy buttons and knobs never helped endear me either.
  7. To be fair he did say "experience" in the title. Listening to wide variety or deeply into a single variety could still be quantified as similar experience amounts, albeit different.
  8. I'll go into more detail when I'm not on my phone, but you might also venture into a genre called 'sacred minimalism ' Look up Arvo Pärt on last.FM and go from there.
  9. Sonar is probably going to fit your needs just fine. What you might think about doing though is a hybrid approach, where you do your arrangement in Sonar, then record/render out individual lines for final mastering/mixing in straight audio format in something like Reaper or Acid. That is what I did for years until Acid finally got midi (albeit rather basic) support for VST/DXis. This gives you pretty infinite flexibility toward the final sound of your track. Feel free to contact me via IM if you want a more in-depth description of that type of set up.
  10. I'm in 64bit Win7. There is a native 64bit sonar. If you are moving into more audio based mixing you might also look at Sony acid. Oven been using it since 2000 as MT primary DAW. It does MIDI too. I keep hearing good things about Reaper too. Its free so at least worth trying.
  11. Seconded for sonar. I've used Cakewalk off and on since 1996 or so, and Sonar is the logical progression.
  12. I embarrassingly easy to contact. You can probably even find a cell number if you needed it. BTW k.pras if you ever come back to music, I still want to collab again.
  13. A clip of fear and sufferance has been my ringtone for about 5 years now.
  14. I had trouble with a machine doingbthe same thing and memtest not running correctly. An older version of memtest worked and scrolled the screen with ram error. He problem was fixed was bumping up thr voltage on the ram a bit.
  15. Speak for yourself. "Code behind the Code" was started back in November of 2004. Never mind that it didn't fully materialize until two days ago.. the seeds were planted almost 6 years ago.
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