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  1. This is the best OC remix I've heard in a while. I barely know anything technicial about music, but the song seems to always be flowing and it never drags. The beats are catchy and there's enough variation that the 4-odd minutes just fly by. IMHO, there are too many OCremixes that are very complex and catchy (a good thing) but they just don't vary their original material enough. The result is I'm always waiting for the song to transition into the next section which eventually leads me to boredom and then I stop listening to the song at all. I definitely do not have the above compliant with this song. It just moves.
  2. I love the game and I love the song. Does the title hold an intentional similarity to the Secret of Mana track "A Whisper and a Prayer"? There has always been that rivalry...
  3. So you loved playing the game and you loved the music but you still think the game was a piece of crap? If we're gonna be flaming here, put it on the record that I think SoE is at least as good as SoM if not, you know... better. I mean both great games, but one does pull ahead. I also love this piece, though. It reminds me of the piano arrangement of the castle theme on the SoE OST, composed by Soule himself. I can imagine many of the Evermore themes would work well in piano arrangements and I would love to see more.
  4. So that's 1286 including the files that were already removed right? Cuz I just downloaded (and seeded ) all three torrents and then picked up the remaining mixes starting with the most recent until I reached 1239.
  5. I don't understand one thing. I looked up all the remixes on the main site and it listed 1238, but the BitTorrents go to 1250. ?
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