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  1. After a long hiatus I'm making music again. This is a new oriental electronic track, Manatsu, inspired by Summer scenes of Fuji Five Lakes (富士五湖). http://soundcloud.com/andyjayne/manatsu
  2. Enjoyed this although as a Frost* fan I feel obliged to point out that the solo is a tribute to Black Light Machine.
  3. I vote for Bastion. The soundtrack adds so much to the experience of that game.
  4. Just thought I'd share a little piano arrangement I did earlier this year. It's loosely based on the Prologue theme from Soma Bringer. Piano Arrangement Cheers.
  5. A few unmentioned ones: Music Catch Rhythm Zone
  6. Awesome ReMix, guys. Glad to have you onboard Alex (and I must say BGC I am quite jealous!). Maybe this will inspire me to start making music again... it's been a while.
  7. The machine translation. My understanding of Japanese is limited but I'll provide my own translation to put your mind at rest: However, I am sure there are other users here who can provide a much better translation.
  8. They have posted feedback for disc 3 now. Also, I would advise against using Google Translate even for interpreting the feedback as it is often way off the mark. Rexy, the author did not refer to your piece, nor the link, as pathetic.
  9. Thanks to those who reviewed my work, it is appreciated. It would be nice to get the missing content up there. I'm a secret to everyone.
  10. I don't know any of the map names but the castle map with the catapults and the Pac-Man map were terrible. Two or three of them that I played were excellent and the rest were OK.
  11. I've joined the group on Steam as Metal Warrior. I've only played TF2 a couple of times and I'm not online much but hopefully I can join in some time.
  12. The page linked to by Projects>albums in the sidebar is out of date and has some styling issues: http://www.ocremix.org/info/Albums To clarify, the styling issue I'm referring to here is the huge white space between the first and second album.
  13. If I recall correctly, my track was actually only slightly different to the version I did for PRC back in the day.
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