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  1. Here's a quick sketch I did with piano and electric piano
  2. Okay I've found something very annoying with the voting page. Once I've clicked the flash player to stream I have to set my focus on another tab before I can type in the Reasoning text-box as otherwise the keys I type are controlling that flash player. Is there any way to sort this out (possibly disable hot-keys within the flash player)? Cheers Edit: Oh and I've voted. Really like how you can see who has voted.
  3. I'm going to take a listen and vote now. I'll try and explain stuff in that reasoning textbox.
  4. Going to add everyone on the list on Pokémon now. My code is: 2062 5736 0353
  5. Just noticed that the victory against gym leader music sounds pretty similar to the Bubble Bobble theme.
  6. Yeah, I got confused thinking that there were 151 per generation. 493 is still a lot though.
  7. I tend not to use nicknames, there are over 600 different species and for most of the ones I've caught I have at least 2. I have luck incense which doubles how much money you get from battles, found it in some cave somewhere, but am still trying to find the lucky egg.
  8. No idea, it still exists though. Also, here's a good resource for some PW art: http://www.court-records.net/art.htm
  9. I have completed both games but never heard a single sound from either as I rarely have sound on my DS. I won't enter this round but I can post some art I did a while back: Kirby version of Phoenix Wright
  10. I did all the E4 with just Infernape, too. What's this lucky egg talk?
  11. I am going to see how much I can get done in 30-45 minutes, if I get anything substantial I'll submit it even if I think it sucks.
  12. aer005 - Electronica Unplugged (Various Artists) "Electronica unplugged, Aerotone’s fifth release, is the start of a series for the acoustic approach of electronic (influenced) music. This compilation consists of 10 tracks, made by 10 wonderful artists. By using guitars, pianos, double basses, violines or even accordion the artists create an electroacoustic work full of soft melancholy."
  13. [kpu101] Leonard J. Paul - The Corporation The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the award-winning Canadian documentary, The Corporation, produced by Canadian composer Leonard J. Paul.
  14. Cool Source is good for this kind of thing too - prominent melody parts and a few different sections to work with. Maybe it's just because it's called starfighter but it does remind me of some early 2D PC shooters.
  15. Okay I just ordered a wifi adapter; I should be online on by Monday.
  16. Possible spoilers So has anyone used the master ball? I have caught the 3 psychic legendaries and the steel/psychic one and didn't use it. Am I missing something?
  17. Spoilers Has anyone actually used that master ball that you are given? I managed to catch the main legendary pokémon and one of the psychic legendary ones without using it (used dusk balls instead). I am beginning to wonder what it's for. End Spoilers Good game so far, I am contemplating getting a wifi adapter for the online play.
  18. I'm wondering whether the DS online play is good enough to warrant getting a wifi adapter. Thoughts? I have already ruled out using a wireless router for a number of reasons. Edit: Out of the list on the last page these are the games I have: Mario Kart DS Metroid Prime Hunters Pokemon Diamond
  19. Looking forward to this one, hope there are more entries than it sounds like there are. I was unable to get anything done due to coursework etc. but I still have my idea which I may end up doing one day.
  20. I chose the fire type as that's what I chose back when I first played Pokémon and I really don't know much about any of these new ones. I just got my second badge - now maybe my traded pokémon will start to obey me.
  21. Posted it in the private WIP board as Lavender Town (DnB Mix). Check it.
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