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  1. Here's an odd request:

    A long time ago, years even, your website had a few Mega Man 3 Remixes that have since not been visible anywhere. One I miss in particular was of Wily's Stage 1 from the eponymous title. I dearly wish you would release that one.

    There was also an original song of yours I enjoyed, but miss terribly. It had an echoing synthesizer sound running throughout it. Like raindrops, is the best way I'd put it. Very soothing.

    Hoping you still have those and feel like spreading the Disco love,


  2. Greetings all! Erico the Super Bard, at your discretion. I've been jamming to this site for years, and using it for all sorts of creative inspiration for my writing, first in my Fanfic days (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/55667/) and now afterwards, as I aspire to be what many dream of being; a published author. I find I can't really write anymore without some track or another pounding in my ears. As a matter of choice, I've loved Mega Man first and foremost, but time and experience has taught me to appreciate some of the other things available. "Eutopia Pegasi", for instance, is one Remix I'll
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