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  1. maybe it's just me, but i tend to demand punchlines in every rap song that i listen to. i think your mic presence and recording could use some improvement as I had to kinda listen closely to actually understand what you were saying. the beat is semi-catchy, though to an extent a little repetitive. you had punchlines, just not very strong ones (or not the ones im looking for). maybe im just being picky or whatever but i felt that you could've put some more effort into crafting your punchlines. your lyrics dont lack creativity, it just sounds to me that there was a lot of untapped potential in
  2. @DCT: heh, no reason to hate on this song or the rapping. the beat is excellent, fits the mood of the song perfectly. the flow is excellent, i like the way you keep it consistent (has a kind of Talib Kweli feel to it) content was good, though i was hoping for more punchlines and stuff. bah, who gives a damn. concerning what Nobbynob Littlun said: your breath control isn't perfect, but i'd say it's good enough. cutting off your words to start the following line is common, i wouldn't worry about it. overall, you're not really out of breath per se, but you occasionally sound somewhat like you'r
  3. well the word nigga itself never really bothered me my main concern was with how they wrote and delivered the lyrics. once again, by cramming too much into one measure, it slightly made the rapping sound iffy. content-wise the lyrics were actually pretty good, at least better than mine when i first started rapping. but flow-wise, it would've sounded much better if they took the time, slowed down their delivery, and let the words flow more evenly with the beat. that minor detail was what kept this song from being an instant classic in my book.
  4. hmmmm... to be honest, lyrically this wasn't really anything special, flame me on this if you want i kinda have to agree with some of the other reviews, a little bit of profanity here and there is fine. but i felt that this song was kinda overdoing it. nice attempt though the beat and instrumental however were pretty good in my opinion, so no complaints there. forgot to mention, your flow and delivery were kinda iffy. basically you're doing what I used to do when rapping, cramming too many words into one measure of music. At most I would suggest around twelve syllables of wording for each l
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