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  1. YES Zelos gets knocked so much in favor of Kratos. But I actually liked Zelos more than Kratos, and his affection storyline and events are much more interesting. But if it's anyone, it'll probably be Lloyd. Or Cress from Phantasia. I'll tell you right now, that picture made my day, and I've only been awake five minutes. Listen, all this speculation is nice, and I couldn't agree more on how pleasant these concepts are. But even still. When ToS was released in Japan, it was a pretty big deal. There was even a specialized gamecube released alongside of the game. Though my point seems to contradict itself when you consider that a PS2 version was released later on over there. If the chances of Nintendo going to a third party depend on the weight of their collaboration, this idea might actually stand a chance. The same could be said of Capcom too, considering how they've worked on a few Zelda games. Otherwise, I'm not even sure if any of the execs have been alerted specifically to this possibility. It may even be that we feel an attachment to this game that the Japanese don't overall. In the end it only matters how they feel, since they're the one's creating the game over there. We only (almost always) get nothing more than a translated copy of what they end up with. It's just the bare bones of the truth. Why do you think that their Japanese SSBB site ended up with a "send in character ideas poll" that wasn't present on any other site?