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  1. man i know it's fucking awesome
  2. i wasn't around for that one and fuck you're right
  3. well yeah but thanks to the good old flushdown of 07 this is tops now continue talking about whatever it was you were talking about
  4. This is now the biggest thread in Gendisc, probably the biggest in all OCRemix. In your face VGDJ Podcast. Grow, my bloated child grow! More theories! More updates! MORE INSANE IDEAS FOR THE NINTENDO REPS READING THIS AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA
  5. meh competitive play comes out at boring, its a bunch of dudes using the game's physics to the max. i personally dont like it but im cool with the game being made with it in mind as long as i get to fuck around with friends on it too.
  6. Julius also has it. Julius for Brawl.
  7. atma says these things to play the anti-nintendo fanboy. when he's probably the biggest fanboy here. also DAILY UPDATES RUINED THE THREAD I MEAN NO THIS WON'T BE A DECENT THREAD UNTIL THE GAME COMES OUT ANYWAY
  8. This Dream Theater album was leaked on May 2nd I think. More then a month early.
  9. This thing was leaked about a month ago. I've had it for ages. It's the same thing as they've always done. If you like them, it's nice, if you don't, it's gonna make you like them.
  10. I'm signing up. Seriously. I have an above average singing voice and I'm going to check out a university in Japan around the time the auditions will take place.
  11. If the dude's, gonna charge up and fire, slam him down first, be a man.
  12. Disney's marketing department sure loves the "people interested in video game remixes" market if they're sending shills over. Anyway, watched it yesterday, it was good. It wasn't completely free like the second, it needed to tie down the plot lines, so it's comprehensible if it's worse. The first half of the movie was pretty sucky, save for Davy Jones' Locker, but the final fight more then made up for it. In fact, I wouldn't mind if the movie were 2 hours of the final fight. The plot wasn't that convulted, I got it mostly save for one thing. (spoilers)Why wasn't Calypso there when Davy Jones returned after the first 10 years? That's what caused him to leave his duty and all they provide in explanation is "It's in my nature"? Isn't there any other justification?
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