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  1. Ok, I'm pretty sure Hysteria is from DDR Solo and NOT DDR 4th Mix. That being said I think that this mix is totally AWXOME with a captital X! It's way better than the remix Naoki did, Hysteria 2001. And DJ Kiyobi K., I hope the steps are better too. I love the rapping parts, and the interpritation of the melody. Great usage of filtering in some parts, makes it seem like some parts are coming out of a DDR machine with broken speakers, but with extra subwoofers added! Or maybe a low-fi AM broadcast. So yeah, it's really loud. Not "I'm-Pumping-It-At-Max-Volume" loud, more like "My-Mix-Is-Louder-Than-Yours" loud, just like how the producers in pop studios compress their mixes. Anyway, it's still the best Hysteria mix on the site!
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