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  1. Good job Beatdrop, yet another awesome track created. You did one of my favorite OCR releases- House Hornet (MMX3). Yes, yes, yes. This remix of Hysteria is a welcome thing to return to- one of my most disliked DDR tracks turned into a nicely mixed piece of audio that I would be honoured to have grace my $20 speakers and subwoofer. (They were a backup set that never got replaced by expensive ones.) This song differed from most of your songs though in the fact that it didn't have too much bass. In fact, it had too little. It really could use a bass boost. Not that I don't have Winamp EQ set up to cover that error. According to my "friend", I can't critique your music because I can't read music. Man, she's so arrogant and conceited. Heh. I'll leave now.
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