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    Leleoch really reminds me of Reinhardt Von Lohengramm.
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    It's my favorite anime too.
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    This comic was made in the late 80's and it's ironic that they actually predicted the success of Naruto.
  5. Around Broadway and Belmont there is a nice record store called Reckless Records of Londonit is good place to find anything from vinyl records, cds, used dvds, and games. Around downtown, near Daily Plaza there is also a place called Rock Records also visit Rolling Stone near Harlem and Irving Plaza. Also around Sheffield and Clark(near Wrigley Field) check out Chicago Comics, it was my old neighborhood comic store and it is bloody huge.
  6. Hello, I'm Zanzibar_Junker, I've been a long time visitor of this site and have caught up with this forum just recently. I am into fighting games, shooters, puzzles, action games and strategy games. Well I hope that this is an adequate introduction and I hope to stay on good terms with everyone in the community.
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