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  1. Thanks watkinzez. But honestly though, there has got to be another collaboration for another remix for this game. If Aurora, Destructo, and SGX can come together and do some other work, get those inspiration juices flowing again... I might just create another MV . Thank you fellas for that wonderful song and work you did. Brought tears to eyes and touched the hearts and souls of alot of folks across the globe.
  2. That is so beautiful... Inspiring. Heartfelt.. I understand those words entirely.. Yeah, BG&E needs another remix. Someone please make another remix!!
  3. eXTREMELY GREAT OCREMIX!! I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!! Also, if you guys are interested in BG&E, there is a flash movie coming out soon! Here is the site: www.bgemovie.com Touches my heart that so many people appreciate this work of art in both forms... The Remix.. and the movie... Just makes me want to cry Well I wanted to show a crying happy face, but I guess this would have to do Do another BG&E Remix! Please!
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