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  1. Hey Gamebox, any luck uploading that WIP of Frozen Lavareef?
  2. Hey (im GaMeBoX, but my account is messed up) Actually, that one is on ice for good. It will most probably never be finished, but i will pm you a download link in a near future... Also, there are new stuff on the way for the Megaman 4 RemixProject (now in requests forum) if you like my stuff... Frozen Lavareef... on ice for good?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DX Ahh, well, the WIP on the teaser site sounded great on its own anyway, so I'd love a link to that! *eagerly awaits* And MM4 happens to have some of my favorite NES Mega Man music. That should be good too, mmhmm.
  3. Any chance of Gamebox finishing Frozen Lavareef? Hell, I'd even be happy with a download of the WIP for now. I'd totally add it to my "music to have on while my girlfriend is over" playlist. (No, seriously. That's some ACTION right there.)
  4. 1) Frozen Lavareef - Gamebox 2) Azure Lake WIP - Rayza 3) Water On The Dancefloor - Akumajobelmont 4) Sand Cafe - Darkesword 5) The Unseen Wonders - SiR NuTs wewt. Just so you know I am checking OCR's front page multiple times a day expecting to see PROJECT CHAOS in the spotlight
  5. Bahahaha... XD Man, I'm sorry. I was all "Bastard didn't even spell my 4-letter name right!" But alas, I then realized what I had done in the first place. Maybe I should just lurk even MORE!
  6. Hey Ritcher... I found the easter egg on the project's page ;P It's not much but it made me laugh. HERE COMES THE NEW CHALLENGER!
  7. Great stuff! Y'know, when I read "Urban" I was expecting something different as well, like many of us here... but what we did get, I still really like! I think this whole album might go on my ROKR or PSP for now. A lot of these are just great to have on the background when you're going about your day, you know? That's my impression so far. Spittin' Narcissism stands out to me, to name just one. Now, I'm a huge fan of Rayza's old "Club Del Toro" mix of Vega's theme, and this mix is completly different! But it works well, IMO. His voice and flow sound damn good. Better than a lot of what I hear on the radio
  8. Weird keyboard key pics, eh? I wonder what THAT's for >_> Speaking of that subject... the face... you can't really get a photorealistic face, so I'll just paint it in as exact and nice-looking as possible.
  9. AAAAH you put my WIP of it in the book XD;; Awww jeeze. Talk about a motivator ;; HAWT PHOTOSHOP TIPPZ for people who take up this detailed-but-blurry picture assignment: circular-Select the important parts (characters), feather the selection by a good amount, and run a Lens Blur on the piece! That's new in Photoshop CS2 I think, so I can always do it for you if you don't have CS2. "You" being... you know, whoever you are that does this. XP
  10. As I said, I want to do it, but... I'm Hock D: The LOSER. I'll focus on giving you a Nova goodie and that's that.
  11. Do you want a pic/bio even for useless people like me? XD Except, I'm still doing ONE more thing that KWarp really wants me to do. ... >_> I'm going to work less damn it. I got a 35 cent raise and I need to clean my room and move out soon D: And I'm barely keeping my head above the homework water this quarter too. One extra class from before.
  12. Dear Arek: XD Sorry. I just remember hearing that KWarp was in charge of the art side of this project so I mainly talk to him.
  13. Dear KWarp: Me and Kine are actually doing work XD Can't really mention what it is here, but...mnyes. ... .... >_> we need the link to your forums again for the animation though.
  14. *approves of Hemo's Floria cover* Totally not what I was going to do, but I like this one just as much. I think mine was going to end up too complicated anyway. (All 4 seasons at once o_o)
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