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  1. careful about statements like these people in here might label it as a personal attack and something that has no basis oh wait thats only when i say something like that about her. glad others are seeing what i saw a when her first vid came out
  2. Yes. We used to talk on IRC. I don't go there SO often because of the time difference but I could definitely come and hang out on Saturday and Sunday mornings which would be Friday and Saturday daytime for you (I think). I used to be called CHIPP Damage and I do indeed have the viking locks and dwarven beard. I'm stoked that you wanted to get back in touch with me and now I feel kind of ashamed that I didn't take the initiative. Good job! So how have you been lately? Got any sweet projects going on?

  3. we used to talk about stuff online in irc right? you a dude with awesome viking locks? i distinctly remember someone like that and i think its you. if so, lets reconnect. if not, uh hello person.

  4. Can I state reasons why I think Blue's clues was offensive and oppressive to males because Steve *male* was a fucking idiot who had to rely solely on Blue *female* to help him with literally everything revolving around staying alive in his own house? No? Why. Oh, because it was marketed at children and it's sole intent was to educate while providing some good humor to keep people engaged and had no intention of ever even implying that males couldn't live functionally by themselves? hm.
  5. Yep. This is one of the videos I meant in my previous post. She puts it so well into perspective without being rude at all. Love it. I really want more of these to come out to counter Anita's arguments and statements. This is the benefit I see from her videos. *which i still fucking hate with a passion why do people take them as anything good arghghghghg* I am confused as well, and honestly still am not too happy I was labeled as something negative when I voiced my opinion on her. Thank you, by the way, for voicing what I have been wanting to except far more eloquently.
  6. Best post in thread and voices my opinion completely. I have always agreed with the message, but I do not feel at all that she is the right person to convey it. She is more and more becoming akin to a shock jock in presentation, and it over all taints the message others have been trying to get out for a while. My opinions on her being a social scammer aside (which still is something i believe and will be consistent with), you all have to agree that her approach is not the best and isn't helping the message get out there in the ways people would have liked it to have been. I hope, if anything, that this does at least allow the more quiet feminists to come out and be loud about how they really feel about things. There have been a few positive youtube videos I have seen of people who are portraying the underlying message Anita is so much better, and I hope we see a lot more of them coming about because of these videos if anything.
  7. Happy birthday good buddy arek

  8. Can't there be an option for those who dislike the video and the creator because of her past history and the way this video was done, but completely agree that the issue itself is something that is a problem? I dislike her and the video, which is the subject matter of the thread per the title and Brandon who made it. That does not mean that I do not think that the issue that she is talking about is a problem. I simply 100% disagree with Anita and her approach with this.
  9. Bro, what? Have you not seen what a lot of others are saying? I have no reason to elaborate on it when others have said everything for me. And SERIOUSLY, her peers ARE going in on her because she is making a mockery of what they are trying to do. With how you are going on about this, I could lay the same claim with you and blind fanboyism.
  10. Considering the massive backlash she is getting from her own "feminist" peers, as well as what she as created with this crud, I honestly disagree. As if there was anything else needed to prove that this is nothing but a cash grab. There is no "time table" for this stuff. Once the first video stops getting hits and she stops getting youtube adrev, she will publish the second one. I have a strong feeling the series was already recorded before the kickstarter finished.
  11. Well, you definitely have one of your wishes granted (Track 2-02) It is one of the tracks included in the recently released album for Kirby Super Star. I definitely agree with the other choices though. There never can be enough kirby remixes.
  12. The only modification I really have done was to my SNES when I was a kid. It is a really easy "process", but when I was younger I thought I was a genius when I figured out how to do it. Good times.
  13. Considering how much she has made off of the kickstarter, I don't think her not being able to make another one is too big of a problem to her. EDIT And to save this post from being a pointless one-line zinger: This right here is pretty neat. Unlike the Wind Waker text modification which really felt pointless because of the game's inclusion of Tetra, this mod is a step towards what I think should be happening more with games. Too bad if this really does happen, reality will come in and they will be filled with an overabundance of fanservice. (Fanservice is such a fucking stupid thing. I hate that it exists period)
  14. I am not going to disagree with the point of what you are saying, but I have always found this piece right here a flawed thought/belief/idea/whatever. It doesn't matter what gender you are or what powers you may have *pertaining obviously to the universes that have female characters being kidnapped like this*, but being blindsided is not something you can prepare a defense for. I mean, look at Mario Is Missing. Educational game it may be and protagonist gender aside, Mario still gets kidnapped. The person who beats Bowser and saves Peach subsequently gets kidnapped by him. How? Because he was blindsided. Again, I am not disagreeing with everything else you are saying. I just never understood why "she was so strong before being kidnapped" gets brought up.