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  1. Fair enough. Updates after I screw with the thing. EDIT: The only thing that looks remotely like a switch also looks two fragile for my gorilla hands to "adjust". Found out that this is what I'm dealing with. and I also found a driver update for that, so we'll see how that goes.
  2. What's funny is that you missed the part where THE ROUTER IS BUILT INTO THE MOTHERBOARD AND I DON'T WANT TO BE PUSHING SWITCHES WILLY-NILLY ON THAT FUCKING THING. And I still have administrative ability. I'm thinking there's a software conflict somewhere. This thing already needs extra programs just to run the speakers. Not drivers mind you, I had to install a fucking program to run the speakers. New tech, my ass. And I've had problems with the router conflicting with my sound. It's been a fuckin' learning experiance with this thing.
  3. Well, around the begining of Fall, my computer crashed. In my brillance, I dumped some coin into a new setup. It actually turned out pretty nice. The motherboard even came with a built-in wireless access point/station. So I figured it'd be pretty nifty if my laptop didn't have to gank wireless from everyone else in the dorms. So I set this thing up as an unprotected network (I know) and get on the network with my laptop. That works fine for about a day, and then my comp starts saying "this network is WEP key protected", which it isn't, but despite clicking "open network" not two seconds ago. T
  4. 1) the grenades are supposed to be a problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's only 1 room in Foundation with the kind of boxes you need for a barricade. And they won't completely cover the door. 2) you have a valid point about the magnums. However, I was counting on the grenades to be a highly effective counterbalance. And, of course, the teamwork. 3) How do you mean it's the same reason that some Zombies games are screwed? i just can't envision that.
  5. Metrion: I was leaving off the "force even teams" thing to see if one could make something like a predator scenario work. Except with all the marines living. And I knew I forgot something. EP: I think differently. The shotgun is a ornery beast in Halo 2, which is precisely why I choose it for the main weapon. This is about learning to kill and move swiftly under what are frequently less than perfect conditions. That's why I didn't include any Sniping weapons. I don't want players ducking behind corners or setting up sniping spots, simply because anyone and their Grandma seems to know their w
  6. Gentlemen, I have returned, and I think I have a new gametype. This one is designed especially for training, and as such: Training A Team Slayer 1st weapon: Shotgun 2nd Weapon: Magnum Starting Grenades and on Map No shields No Radar Damage Resistance On No Overshields or Active Camo Rounds: first to 3 Kills: 25 Time limit: 10 Minutes Team Scoring: Minimum Respawn: 5 seconds Betrayal: 10 seconds No Team Changing Reccomended Maps: Elongation, Foundation This gametype is designed to do 2 things: Teach players to kill fast and to work as a team. I have found it to work. Let me know what you think.
  7. Metrion: this numbers-crunching is giving me a headache. So here are my tower changes: turn off radar set brute shots as the "on map" weapon Let me know how that works.
  8. Good point. I'll need to look at his ranked games.
  9. Here's a question to ask: What, exactly, leads to the top rank in the leaderboards? Using the Stats for ian757, leader of the Team Skirmish Leader board, I examined these three games: Slayer Place: 2nd (out of Kills: 22 (out of 25) Deaths: 17 Medals: 13 -4 sniper -4 bonecracker -3 assassin -1 stick -1 killing spree Hit %: 39 Avg. Life: 20 seconds Things of note: -4 players are listed as having not died in the game, nor as have gotten any kills This doesn't tell us a lot by itself. ian757 is skilled, yes, but not overly so. The varied nature of his medals, along with the low killing spree coun
  10. that's... interesting... edit: hokay got a good site with a ton of game types and stats for em: http://ganai.com/archives/2005/02/20/halo-2-custom-game-types/ just send us what you come up with and we'll probably be willing to test em for you, i will at least That's not quite what I meant. I was hoping for game data that I could access on Bungie.net (Tower of Power is not a supported gametype). I wanted to use that info to see what the game played out like. Otherwise I could have hunted the info down myself. Though I thank you for this info. Lemme put together a model from the leaderboards to
  11. that's... interesting... i'll go look around a bit if you send us the stats for your tweakings A bit of a circular thing, there. I do have an alternate Tower of Power game designed, but I would like to look at the statistics of a few actual games to see if it needs to have tweaking done to it. Also, examining an original game's stats would allow me to better tweak my version. EDIT: Blah. I needed to organize my thoughts. I'm looking for Tower games, because they're not registered officially. Then, with your permission, I'm going to look at a couple of your regular games to get an idea of how
  12. Hi. I'm privately studying how to design gametypes in Halo 2. Could anybody send me a link for a Tower of Power stats page or two? I don't have XBL, nor do I have the means of getting it. I wish to study the statistics of the teams in the game to see if Tower can't be Tweaked a bit.
  13. Well, I finally decided to drop by here. Something I should of done when I first came, I guess. Hi, I'm Weaselfang, and no, I won't backstab you .
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