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  1. Fair enough. Updates after I screw with the thing. EDIT: The only thing that looks remotely like a switch also looks two fragile for my gorilla hands to "adjust". Found out that this is what I'm dealing with. and I also found a driver update for that, so we'll see how that goes.
  2. What's funny is that you missed the part where THE ROUTER IS BUILT INTO THE MOTHERBOARD AND I DON'T WANT TO BE PUSHING SWITCHES WILLY-NILLY ON THAT FUCKING THING. And I still have administrative ability. I'm thinking there's a software conflict somewhere. This thing already needs extra programs just to run the speakers. Not drivers mind you, I had to install a fucking program to run the speakers. New tech, my ass. And I've had problems with the router conflicting with my sound. It's been a fuckin' learning experiance with this thing.
  3. Well, around the begining of Fall, my computer crashed. In my brillance, I dumped some coin into a new setup. It actually turned out pretty nice. The motherboard even came with a built-in wireless access point/station. So I figured it'd be pretty nifty if my laptop didn't have to gank wireless from everyone else in the dorms. So I set this thing up as an unprotected network (I know) and get on the network with my laptop. That works fine for about a day, and then my comp starts saying "this network is WEP key protected", which it isn't, but despite clicking "open network" not two seconds ago. The Motherboard is a ASUS M2N32 SLI-Deluxe. Of course, my immeadiate reaction was "Update the Drivers". This would proceed wonderfully if I could download any of the drivers on the page: Any help would be appreciated.
  4. 1) the grenades are supposed to be a problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's only 1 room in Foundation with the kind of boxes you need for a barricade. And they won't completely cover the door. 2) you have a valid point about the magnums. However, I was counting on the grenades to be a highly effective counterbalance. And, of course, the teamwork. 3) How do you mean it's the same reason that some Zombies games are screwed? i just can't envision that.
  5. Metrion: I was leaving off the "force even teams" thing to see if one could make something like a predator scenario work. Except with all the marines living. And I knew I forgot something. EP: I think differently. The shotgun is a ornery beast in Halo 2, which is precisely why I choose it for the main weapon. This is about learning to kill and move swiftly under what are frequently less than perfect conditions. That's why I didn't include any Sniping weapons. I don't want players ducking behind corners or setting up sniping spots, simply because anyone and their Grandma seems to know their way around sniper rifles. They know it so much that I would venture to say that having a training game explictly for the use of snipers is not a very wise idea. The shotgun gives you a very nice idea of timing and range, as well as a sense of dead-on accuracy you need for less than ideal kills (the shotgun has a very limited 1-hit kill range, and with Damage Resistance on, that range is even more restricted). This is likewise my reasons for using the Magnum, which has a greater range than the shotgun but requires even more accuracy to be effective. The team work aspect may need some help, though I found that in "Lone Wolf" Scenarios with the minimum score on, the other side was forced to become teammates against the Wolf (me). They had to practice none-sniping team tactics to effectively kill me, though it still usually cost them one guy. In light of this, allow me a to rephraise to say: "It teaches players to move swiftly and perform kills with similar swiftness". I appreciate your feedback, though, and may consider it for a Sniping Training gametype. For now, though, please add "force even teams On" and "no weapons on map" at your discretion and tell me what you think.
  6. Gentlemen, I have returned, and I think I have a new gametype. This one is designed especially for training, and as such: Training A Team Slayer 1st weapon: Shotgun 2nd Weapon: Magnum Starting Grenades and on Map No shields No Radar Damage Resistance On No Overshields or Active Camo Rounds: first to 3 Kills: 25 Time limit: 10 Minutes Team Scoring: Minimum Respawn: 5 seconds Betrayal: 10 seconds No Team Changing Reccomended Maps: Elongation, Foundation This gametype is designed to do 2 things: Teach players to kill fast and to work as a team. I have found it to work. Let me know what you think.
  7. Metrion: this numbers-crunching is giving me a headache. So here are my tower changes: turn off radar set brute shots as the "on map" weapon Let me know how that works.
  8. Good point. I'll need to look at his ranked games.
  9. Here's a question to ask: What, exactly, leads to the top rank in the leaderboards? Using the Stats for ian757, leader of the Team Skirmish Leader board, I examined these three games: Slayer Place: 2nd (out of Kills: 22 (out of 25) Deaths: 17 Medals: 13 -4 sniper -4 bonecracker -3 assassin -1 stick -1 killing spree Hit %: 39 Avg. Life: 20 seconds Things of note: -4 players are listed as having not died in the game, nor as have gotten any kills This doesn't tell us a lot by itself. ian757 is skilled, yes, but not overly so. The varied nature of his medals, along with the low killing spree count, and the 4 player drop out, suggest that this was a very hectic game. Then only real conclusion we can draw here is that ian757 may be a good player on his own. Team Slayer Place: 3rd (out of 5) (Team Place 1) (Team Blue) Kills: 15 Deaths: 13 Medals: 5 -3 snipe -1 Boncracker -1 assassin Hit %: 38 Avg. Life: 40 seconds Things of Note: -CARitch, a player on the Red Team, out-scored the Blue Team individually in every stat, whereas the rest of the Red Team was cannon fodder Now this is interesting. One might assume that if ian757's not good at solo-slayer missions, he might be better at Team-Slayer games. But he's really not. His solo stats are better than his team stats. How is that possible? He's the leader of the team skirmish boards. That means he has to be good at team games, right? Maybe not. hese results don't seem to suggest that answer. Custom Assault Place: 6th (out of 6) (Team Place 1 (3:1)) (Blue Team) Kills: 9 Deaths: 12 Medals: 4 -2 Bonecrackers -2 Bomb Arms Hit %: 54 Bomb Grabs: 3 Things of Note: -ian757 has the highest Bomb carrying and planting totals of anyone on either side. O-ho! Now this is where we see the variation! ian757 is a bomb-runner! Even with this as his worst kill/death ratio, he still carried the team by planting 2 of their bombs. So it could be said that ian757 is actually most beneficial to his team when not holding a weapon. The stats show that ian757, on the whole, isn't a fantastic player. Proffcient, but not the Halo God that everyone may think. "But he's just, well...BETTER!" you may be saying. Not true. His statistics are no better than yours or mine, and I might brag that some of my stats are routinely higher than his (a claim I cannot back up, unfortuneatly). But try this: Remember CARitch? It struck me as odd that as a single player, he individually out-played all three players of a proficient skill level on the opposite team. So I looked at his stats vs. ian757's: ian757 Games played: 268 Games Won: 193 Win %: 72.02 CARitch Games played: 395 Games won: 149 Win %: 37.72 Isn't that fasinating? A player that is at least slightly better than a Leader board player has a lower Win Percentage. How does that happen? There are a few likely explainations, but most obvious would perhaps be the relatively low difference between ian757's games played and wins totals. This suggests that he played with a majority of players that were just as good, likely better than him.It also suggests that out of those games, he was on the winning side the most times. Luck? Perhaps. Or perhaps he just played the least out of all his friends, and won with them more times than not when they played. (i.e. he only played with his friends, who are probably collectively just as good or better than him. Then out of his friends, he played the least, leading him to have the highest ranking on the leader boards by doing a slightly less amount of work than his friends). apparently it is good to play together. I want links to Tower of Power Games so that I can perform an examination like this one^. Thank you.
  10. that's... interesting... edit: hokay got a good site with a ton of game types and stats for em: just send us what you come up with and we'll probably be willing to test em for you, i will at least That's not quite what I meant. I was hoping for game data that I could access on (Tower of Power is not a supported gametype). I wanted to use that info to see what the game played out like. Otherwise I could have hunted the info down myself. Though I thank you for this info. Lemme put together a model from the leaderboards to show you what I mean. EDIT: Okay, question: What, exactly, leads to the top rank in the leaderboards?
  11. that's... interesting... i'll go look around a bit if you send us the stats for your tweakings A bit of a circular thing, there. I do have an alternate Tower of Power game designed, but I would like to look at the statistics of a few actual games to see if it needs to have tweaking done to it. Also, examining an original game's stats would allow me to better tweak my version. EDIT: Blah. I needed to organize my thoughts. I'm looking for Tower games, because they're not registered officially. Then, with your permission, I'm going to look at a couple of your regular games to get an idea of how good you are, and a couple of Single Bomb Assault Games to see how you handle a similar sistuation. If the results from the Tower games vary too greatly from the other two sets of data, the game may need tweaking. DO you want me to post my alternate Tower of Power?
  12. Hi. I'm privately studying how to design gametypes in Halo 2. Could anybody send me a link for a Tower of Power stats page or two? I don't have XBL, nor do I have the means of getting it. I wish to study the statistics of the teams in the game to see if Tower can't be Tweaked a bit.
  13. Well, I finally decided to drop by here. Something I should of done when I first came, I guess. Hi, I'm Weaselfang, and no, I won't backstab you .