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  1. I have also seen this mix grow from the beginning, and SysteManic has got the talent to be one of the best there is, Great mix man , you should be very proud of ur great job and i hope to continue hearing such great mixs 10/10 rating
  2. thnx for the site Krispy, thats perfect, now i have most of the soundtrack now as for the mix, it kinda still misses the rest of the song, hes only exploiting part of it, the guitar is nice to a certain extent, but the voice, great for the beginning, good for the ending, bad for inbetween.... on a scale of 1-10, 10 being greatest .... ~Superior Gunman DarkLock rates this mix 7/10 good mix but some minor adjustments could be made to make it better, great start tho .
  3. Hey Kr¡§þ¥¤Krë(v)ê maybe you should make a site and put up all the original songs , that way these ppl can here perfect dark the way it should be heard, Loud and Rockin the Houze yeah baby, but anyway, no this song doesnt do the original any justice, im sorry..... as a constant PD player, i can tell you the original is it, really most of the songs could be made a lil more realistic, but not completely remixed, unless someone truly talented did it, kind like "Dark Conflict" by Psychrophyte was spine chillin and i luved it.... but not bad for a fist timer i guess, the hard guitar is just... um its ok ... and the voice is....i dont know how to put it... um "Bleh" .....oh well back to playing PD, lataz ppl!! "Shootin gallery, how convienient :twisted:"
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