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  1. If you know anything about OCRemix then most of the stuff at the panel (panel 2 that is) was stuff you already knew about the site (and I barely come here). Was expecting a lot more music oriented stuff, like how you guys put together a basic remix, maybe even you demonstrating using your chosen music software, things like that would've been really cool and lot more interesting than hearing who was getting engaged to who and just seeing the guys in real life. That said I'm very appreciative of the real CDs you guys provided at the panel and I will treasure the Sonic Remix CD! Very cool. Hope y
  2. Thanks for the comments. Thats a bit vague, could you suggest instruments that would work in the mix? I agree it sounds quite sparse... I'm not sure why. You hear songs with just as many lines and they don't sound sparce... so I think this is a production problem. The start is deliberatly sparce obviously, but even when the beat comes in, there is no "thickness" to it, I wonder if compression might help? I'll have to try. Yeah I normally leave that sort of "polishing" to the end to make it sound more human. Good suggestion, will implament that one. The click is deliberate, to give it more of
  3. Yeah I agree about the drumloop, finding the right one has been a nightmare from free sources... I need to buy some loop cds! And this is my first wip that I've posted here! So it wasn't me =)
  4. Hi, Just been working on a remix of mystic cave... I'm not sure about the drumloop (any suggestions for alternatives?) and I'd like some critisism on the general production of the remix (since I'm not a great producer!): http://qjim.bo/musicf/MysticCave.mp3 Thanks =) (and yeah it ends abruptly because it's unfinished!)
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