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  1. All these WIPs are sounding fantastic! Keep it up! (Sorry I can't give much in the way of technical advice. If I knew that sort of stuff I'd be helping the project.)
  2. I've been listening to some of the WIPs today during my art exam. Jesus, voting's gonna be tough.
  3. Argh, this project better not die, the WIPs are sounding better than the other projects already (to me anyway).
  4. I agree. Pull yourselves together and make this project happen. Or I will be sending ninja monkeys.
  5. This game was my first real venture into the world of Nintendo, and remains one of my favorites to this day. All I can say about this remix is: Wow.
  6. If it's deadline day, does that mean mixers stop publicly submitting WIPs?
  7. I'm back! Holy crap there's a lot of WIPs to download. I can't possibly comment on them all, but Rayza, your Azure mix is fantastic. BTW, what happens at about 2:00 in that?
  8. Thanks, I'll try. Hopefully I'll be able to check up from Internet cafés etc.
  9. w00t, I'm going to San Fransisco for 2 weeks, so I'm taking the WIPs with me on my mp3 player. Good Luck with the project, I'll see you when I get back.
  10. Upthorn: One of my favorite songs in the game is now also one of my favorite mixes in this project. Rayza: I love the way you're taking this mix, keep it up!
  11. I also think the enthusiasm is better here, because many, many people wanted a S3+K project, so everyone wants to pitch in.
  12. There is some horrible clipping going on there... Your EQ work isn't so great - are you maybe using a sub or something to mix this? maybe cheap headphones? There's wayyy too much volume on the kick drum, and it's killing the mix. The other volumes and frequencies are a little dodgy too... Other than that, though, It's a pretty cool mix.. Fix the EQ stuff, and i'll give more feedback after hearing it properly ^^ Fixed the EQ. I think. http://upthorn.mspencer.net/temp/fordownloading/SkySanctuaryWIPEQfix.mp3 I love it! It's damn near perfect.
  13. This just makes me want to play Azure Lake race again.
  14. That Azure Lake mix is great, it really captures the feel of the level.
  15. I don't know which Endless Mine mix I like more...
  16. Heh, Hedgehog Hell sounds quite good actually. And I also wish to be of some use. I have waited for a project like this for some time, and I want to be a part of it.
  17. I think EoC would work well for this, what with the Master Emerald and such, but if they didn't like it before, they won't like it now.
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