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  1. This mix is very good and yet again isn't good at all. All the technical aspects of this piece are executed flawlessly. The vocals were very good for this piece which is hard to do for a remix IMO. The part where this piece fails is from the 6/4 timing. I had to really concentrate to try to pick out the original melody and I could barely make it out. "People of the North Pole" is probably my favorite track from the OST and this mix just didn't feel like it did the original any justice. Unless you told someone what this was a remix of, they'd never be able to figure it out themselves, and that's where this remix fails IMO.


    Worth keeping.

  2. I was hesitant at first to download this song after reading the mix contained singing. I think (or thought) that singing in a remix sort of takes away from the whole point of remixing a track that didn't have singing in it in the first place (well for the vast majority anyway). However, this mix has changed the way I thought about said mixes. The lyrics relate to the FFIV story line nicely (sort of kind of, right?). Also, I thought it was awesome how he went from a quiet guitar solo into a rockin' mix. The mix kind of reminds me of Led Zepplin's "Stair Way to Heaven." Great mix and a must download for any FFIV fan.

  3. Words cannot even begin to describe how f*cking awesome this song is. I'm speechless. 8O Out of the current 141 remixes I have in my play list, this is my absolute favorite. If you want to hear a piece that will relax you, download this song. If you want to be blown away by perfection, download this song. I wish I could loop it so it could fit on to an entire cd. Only a few songs have come close to this piece as being my favorite mix, but I have yet to listen to a song that has to top "Another Insperation"

    It's gold, Scott! Pure gold!

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