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  1. I'm eager to hear this project come together. Sonic 3/ & Knuckles are my favorite sonic games and one of my favorite soundtracks ever. yoshi_84, please do Hydrocity the justice it deserves! Good luck guys.
  2. Basically, whenever you do something really dumb . Generally, if you read all the stickies and follow their advice, if you don't use aimspeak, nonsarcastic leet, StIcKyCaPs or any of the other annoyances of that sort, and if you don't go around mindlessly insulting people who don't deserve it, there's a pretty good chance you'll never be flamed at all . Unless you talk to the wrong people, of course. But then, the rest of the people in the thread will usually come to your aid. A lot of that stuff pisses me off too, so I probably won't have a hard time fitting in. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. Another n00b here sayin "hi". Been coming to this site ever since late 2001 but only just now decided to join the forums. I'm really into videogame music and I find it to be the best kind. Never really got into the remixing stuff although I have the technical skills, I'm not musically inclined in the least bit so no point in making people's ears bleed. As for the handle, I do a lot of 3D modeling stuff so it just sounded right. So.. when do I get flamed?