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  1. ReMixanator has actually saved my life. I was feeling a little bleak earlier today, having slogged away for hours and hours working on a remix for Michael Owen's World League Soccer and just not getting anywhere. ReMixanator came along and said 'hey, what the hell are you doing? I've got everything you need right here in a few easy steps' and now I no longer want to end what seemed like a bleak existence. Thanks ReMixanator!
  2. I recorded a couple of the synth melodies to tape multiple times to wear the tape a little, the tape recorder is rather old and has become a touch detuned over time too...so it added a subtle but nice, warm tone Thank you for the wonderful feedback guys and I'm working on another remix as we speak, I guess it's following a similar formula but that's how I generally approach all the music I put together. If anyone is a fan of the likes of Boards of Canada, Warp etc. ...that kind of style is my inspiration
  3. Only played the first one but thought it was 10 times scarier than Res Evil/Alone in the Dark etc.! Great game.
  4. Super remix. Very imaginative, very technical, obscure but extremely listenable, very intelligent. Great work, well done
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