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  1. Uh, hi. I'm interested in getting FL and I was wondering if FruityLoops FULL was worth the extra 50 dollars more than FruityLoops PRO. Thanks in advance.
  2. Download this. Now. It owns all who hear it, it owns all who have heard it, and it will own yew. This is one of the coolest remixes I've ever heard. I like it even better than AE's metalman remix (mainly because this one is good the whole way through, as opposed to AE's where it kicked total ass about until 1:30. ~_~; Anyways, Metalman was my favorite megaman song (except for snakeman, DOWNLOAD DISCO DAN'S SNAKEMAN REMIX, TOO!) and also my favorite level from my favorite NES megaman! To sum it all up, this remix just PWNZ.
  3. oh yeah, and Giga bowser in SSBM on very hard mode. getting through very hard without continuing and actually being able to face Giga bowser is a feat in itself, but very hard giga bowser? jesus christ, man! yew could blast him with god-knows how many charge shots and he would barely budge! I only tried him once because it took me so many tries to get through adventure mode without continuing, it's just frustrating. especially that damned pokemon level! damn yew pikachu! damn yew to hell!! Andross from Starfox (NES) was a pretty big bad-arse too. mainly because the ol' SNES could barely handle that many polygons and it made the game slow down a lot. ~_~;;
  4. i can't think of the hardest boss ever, but I can think of a pretty damn hard one. I'm talkin about Prince Amrius in ogrebattle64. unless yew had like, godly weapons and high level paladins and wizards and stuff, yew were cooked. he had that pedra of bane-like spell that could totally take down yer entire front row of soldiers, man. it was tough. The kingpin fer spiderman (on genesis) was pretty tough too because if yew didn't beat him in time Mary Jane would be dipped into that vat of...whatever that stuff was and then GAME OVER. tough stuff. Final dracula in castlevania64 when he was in that dragon form was both tiggety looking and harder to beat than changing the lightbulb at the top of a stadium. he was just tough. I thought the Original mother brain from metroid was pretty tough too. all those freaking guns shooting at yew at the same time and then if yew fell in the lava between MB and that column thing yew were pretty much screwed because yew couldn't jump back out. bah. final mizar isn't so bad if yew have a friend playing as floyd shooting at those freaking meteors he threw at yew. but bob the goldfish....whenever I open my eyes at night...I still see his unblinking little goldfish eyes... staring at me...staring into my soul...