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  1. True, although Plant 42's boss music isn't similar to any of the tracks I posted .
  2. Here are the two songs i'm talking about, so you don't have to hunt them down/rely purely on memory -> Vacant Flat (Original) and Mini Boss
  3. Doesn't the "Vacant Flat" theme from Resident Evil sound somewhat like the Brinstar boss music from Super Metroid?
  4. Thanks for some of the suggestions, guys. Other suggestions mentioned here, well...let's just say I don't live in a Tim Burton film .
  5. Specifically, an alarm to wake up to . Heck, I don't even mind part of a track (as that can be cut out), as long as the music in question doesn't get old fast.
  6. It's not OCRemix, granted, but the music of Metal Gear 2 (original MSX version) works well.
  7. Very slick, and very laid back. I love it !
  8. What software would you recommend for this?
  9. Mr Azar

    Heard any video game music in public this summer?

    It would be awesome if, after every 100th item was scanned, the Extra Life theme played.
  10. Excellent. Most of the Chocobo themes seem to work.
  11. Just curious. Please, suggest those that would make for GOOD ring tones and not bad ones (too quiet/too loud, not distinct enough, too short, and so forth) .
  12. Mr Azar

    Heard any video game music in public this summer?

    Ironic that one of the most popular Mario themes, and, heck, video game theme songs, is from what some consider the "black sheep" () of the series.
  13. Mr Azar

    Game songs that have real life mimics (Or vice versa)

    Speed: Metal Gear Solid: There are some notes/sections that sound very similar.
  14. Mr Azar

    Worst game music

    Off the top of my head, some promotional versions of Dance Dance Rrevolution have awful teenybopper music.