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  1. this stuff's awesome man loving every bit of it. though i clicked the title expecting a blues version of norwegian wood, i got a pleasant surprise. you didn't do the orchestral stuff in "the adventure begins" with FL3 did you?
  2. you are clearly confident in your voice. i just mean the tone, it resembles the tone of voices that i've heard incidentally only from some people who are involved in the vgmix community, like the voice i've heard some of my computer geek friends have. i'm a geek myself but my voice isn't even as good as yours, i was just trying to offer some criticism. i thought it'd sound better with someone with a more unique voice to match the uniqueness of your tunes. you just assumed that i associate forumposters with a geek voice? the reference to linkin park electronica was in response to the track "i must believe". it just resembles the style of their rock music, compositionally. also the straightforward optimistic lyrics. also since i'm an idiot why do you reply?
  3. of the several vocal (not rap) tracks done by vgmixers that i've heard, there is a common sounding voice, a sort of computer nerd voice. i mean you know how to use your voice and hit the notes, but the physical construction of your vocal chords sounds computer geek to me. it's just something i've been hearing from others as well. other than that the music's cool, sounds like linkin park electronica.
  4. it would sound better with a singer that doesn't sound like a geek no offense, but you know what i mean right?
  5. this is not besaid island. you've taken parts from the piano version that are not even in the original besaid island. this song is not from a videogame, so it can not appear on ocr. perhaps if you incorporated the actual besaid island theme, it would legitimately be a videogame remix. but so far, it is a remix of a song that appeared on a popular music cd which happens to have parts in it based on a videogame song, but this remix does not contain any of the original song. so maybe remix besaid island?
  6. midi rip. the harp is good, don't change it. it's the strings at 0:34 that suck.
  7. use a filehosting that doesn't require more than just clicking on the mp3 and saving it. try myspace, that way people can listen to the song without even needing to download it.
  8. lol @ i just realized i actually had all my vsts (and the FL fx somehow) in 3 places at once. z omg
  9. i am just looking for unique/interesting/obscure/strange effects/patches/vsti's anyone recommend any?
  10. many of those sites on the first post of this thread do not even link. please fix.