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  1. Latest thing I have been able to complete. 4tothefloor Techno track. With alot of dark ambient influences. I wanted to have a good at sample-ing some film related stuff. Its started out more minimal-techno but I just need to get epic sounds going. https://soundcloud.com/madgonz0/antichrist-original-mix Let me know what you think.
  2. This is a good idea. I should do some OCR sets. With some sweet OCR tracks from circa 2007
  3. This is what i did last summer. I know, kinda late to be posting it. But anyways.... I lost my whole summer to it. It was made on a 500 budget that over-shot to 800euro (which is still very cheap, considering we got everything for free). Ill let the camera-geeks guess on which camera this was shot. My role was initiator, producer, writer and director. Here it is: LIAR - Western Digital Or vimeo, if you're that type of person https://vimeo.com/73172492 #Edit: Added a NSFW tag. There are a couple of frames featuring adult content. Even tho Vice hasnt marked it as 18+
  4. A little update. So far the changes are quite subtle. Alot of little tweaks. I did remove around 8 bars from the first main part. Did some changes there aswell. Played around more with the solo bells around the middle. Mainly I been have tunnel-visioning on the first block, and I just have no idea what to do with it. Now I changed it abit but now I cant listen to it objectively anymore. Damn tunnel-vision. https://soundcloud.com/tim_tim_tim_/revives-the-bits-6-2 I think I have arrived at that all to familiar point where "I have to kill my darlings". Im still just working within the bounds of w
  5. An update. Not alot of difference just bit more polish. I might have messed around to much on the bass synth. I like it in the older version. Been really unproductive due to film projects. But im picking it up again. Still looking at shortening the length https://soundcloud.com/tim_tim_tim_/madgonzo-revives-the-bits-2-4
  6. Does it already feel repetitive? I was affraid it might be too varied/inconsistend already. But I can trim the some of the main bars down to half its length with the structure the same. Any word on the transitions?
  7. Hey guys, This is a remix of the final battle theme of Lavos in Chrono Trigger. Done in a sort of Dubsteppy/2steppy Rustie-esque remix. With a flair of MachineDrum and UK Garage towards the end. Focussing on soaring and simple synths with 808 Drums. Im looking for some feedback on this. I feel the weird about the transition around 3.10. But im also not sure if any of the leadins towards the main beat are working. I have been working on this for abit to long, all I hear right now is just noise. So gimme some feedback.. Heres the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpaJulksCik And the remix
  8. I recently started watching his reviews again I grew really bored with his format for a while. The Sims 3 review is still the best one to date. So many parallels to modern life.
  9. Just moar Chrono Trigger. And maybe Wandering Flame from FFX. But mostly I want some original out of the box stuff. To many OCremixes are following the rockband formula....
  10. I like it a lot. I agree with Obtuse on the choir. The kicks and general groove could be a bit more interesting. mostly listen to some of zircons downgroove songs like star trails and examine how the groove is really rich. It reminds me a lot of 'to the end of the abyss' maybe this could inspire you.Also, make the introduction piano pop more, especially during the introduction when its solo, mostly through EQ-ing and reverbing. Maybe add an harp on the background that plays the same notes as the piano but disguise it. meh hope that helped
  11. I used a guitar sample from the Reasonbank. I do have a guitar but no means for recording into my DAW. Is there anyway to make the guitar sound more natural?
  12. Currently working on a film project and I made this track for the film. Its a smooth/downtempo/jazzy track to go with a scene in which the main characters are sneaking around or playing a pokergame. Need some critizism on this track, and maybe some tips. Also +1 internet to the person why can name the song that inspired me.
  13. Going to give it a listen now. If its good ill buy th album... Im wondering tho; is it legal to remix someones work and then sell it.
  14. MadGonzo


    I have always wondered wether GITS: Stand alone complex was as good as the original Ghost in the Shell. can anyone confirm?
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