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  1. Thanks for the mention. I'm the chap who did the Kontakt version of the soundfont. I communicated with Sarcyan, the guy who made the soundfont. He says "Please note that Evanessence (previous name of Musyng Kite) soundfont is a compilation of samples from different people and my own collections/work. Many of the samples were edited from different free sources and hence it is a free soundfont, thus not meant to redistribute as a commercial soundfont or use it for any commercial purpose. Other than that, you can sell any music and so on you have made with it, it's up to you." I got permission to do the Kontakt conversion, which was appropriate, but as I understand it you can sell music made with the soundfont without a problem. It's only selling the soundfont itself or as I did converting to another format that would require special permission. Also as a suggestion the Sonatina and U of Iowa orchestral types are both available to use for free. I did Maize VSTis based on Sonatina that work well for some people and not so well for others and of course also kontakt. http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com/2014/09/bigcat-maize-vstis.html The original are sfz. http://sso.mattiaswestlund.net/ Also a (somewhat up to date)list of totally free instruments. http://bigcatlists.blogspot.com/ Pardon the advertising, but at least everytinhg is free.

    Ah cool. So in conclusion I could use it in a commercial song without any legal worries?

    I basically want to use it because I do have a vst with commercial samples; however, it's missing some instruments I require. This soundfont has some of those samples.

  2. I'm with Moseph on the suggestion to not use it for commercial work. What gets sticky here is that the End User is unclear, and that's where a lot of the licensing allowances apply.

    Here's what I mean:

    MusicGuy downloads some raw soundfiles from Moseph. Moseph says, "you can use them in whatever, or make a Soundfont out of them, that's cool."

    MusicGuy then does the same from MockingQ. Same license agreements.

    MusicGuy then packages them together and re-releases them. Upon re-releasing them, he changes who the end user is, and as such any licenses on the raw material don't apply to anyone else, unless the original licenses expressly say that anyone in perpetuity can use those samples forever in all projects, personal and commercial.

    So if you get them from someone else, there's really nothing protecting you from litigation, especially since on KVR the person who posted them even strongly recommended they not be used commercially.

    Thanks for the input man. In that case; I might not use the soundfont on commercial projects.

  3. Ignore the sarcastic/rude posters.

    The music industry is in a really bad place these days. It's very difficult for someone such as yourself to just come in and try to make money off of music; it just doesn't work like that anymore in the age of piracy and .00001% royalty streaming.

    It's more practical to release your music for free or for pay-what-you-want (on like Bandcamp) and work on building a huge fanbase by getting passed on on popular websites and social networks by other people who have big followings, which is more important if you want to eventually make money on music (free music is easier to build a fanbase because there's no difficulty in people "trying out" your music). Other artists are turning to more interesting models like Patreon, where "patrons" can monthly donate a pledged amount to you in the return of "rewards", being access to your newest creative endeavors. It's like crowdfunding, but it's just donations for YOU, not for any specific project. One person I know is using it to fund her new creations, another is using it to actually pay for his living expenses.

    But again, you're only going to get success in any of these models with a bigger fanbase. If you don't have any fans, no one's going to donate to you or pay anything to you.

    Thanks, I'll try out BandCamp man. For right now though; I'm mostly interested in doing music for indie stuff.

  4. ==========================



    1. Introduction

    2. Release information

    3. Sample information

    4. Contact information

    5. Download information


    1. Introduction


    CPS2SF is a soundfont by Yang AKA MagniusKun. This soundfont will be useful if you want to emulate the sound found in CPS2 arcade games. The majority of the samples in this soundfont are from the "Capcom Sound Pack". However, some of the samples found in this soundfont were ripped by me. This soundfont is not complete and more instruments will be added later.


    2. Release information.



    In this version, you'll find most of the instruments used in CPS2 arcade games. This soundfont includes guitar samples, bass samples, organ samples and much more. In this version of the soundfont you also have 3 different drum kits. The 3 drum kits include a standard kit, a power kit and a TR808 kit.


    3. Sample information


    In this section, I will list which games the samples are from. However, I will only list the samples that I ripped.

    MM2Organ - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    Pizzicato Strings - Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara

    Slap Bass - Street Fighter Alpha 2

    Choir - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    Polysynth - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    Orchestra hit - Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

    Standard kit - Street Fighter Alpha 2

    Power kit - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    TR808 - Darkstalkers 3


    4. Contact information


    Below you'll find information on where you can contact me. Please only contact me if you want to report a bug or have a question about the soundfont.

    E-mail: MagniusKun@yahoo.com


    5. Download information


    You can preview the soundfont here:

    You can download it here:


  5. Here ya go, it's a list of indie-game development forums


    Honestly though, if I may offer some tips...

    If you want to do serious composition work, I would avoid forums as much as possible. A far better approach is to actually go out there and network with developers at industry events, IGDA meetings, or getting in touch with local developers. I have only gotten one serious composition gig via an indie forum. 9 times out of ten, you're just going to get people who want you to work for nothing or will "profit-share" with you or more likely, tell you there is no budget but you should do it for the "exposure" on their game which has no marketing budget either and almost certainly will never be finished.

    Best of luck, though!

    Thanks, I'll definitely check that forum out.

    I might also even check out industry events. That's stuff like E3 right?

  6. Apart from some of the SNES soundfonts, which, last time I heard on, was still kind of a legal gray area, how would anyone even know you were ripping them and using them illegally? I think the chances of someone of antagonistic interest finding that out and prosecuting you for it are so, so, so tiny you might not have to worry about it.

    I'm not supporting piracy by saying that, I'm just saying the wages of sin there are probably too light to worry about it, like we all have photocopied parts of books without publisher's written and expressed permission, or taped football games or cartoons or whatever.

    So I most likely won't get any legal trouble?

    Also, say I save up and buy a VST, does that usually give you the right to use it commercially?

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