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  1. As a lurker/outsider, I would say that the vast majority of people who even know this forum exists know by now that projects come out on their own schedule.  The rest are likely younger kids who aren't going to be silenced anyways.


    Honestly, I'm surprised at what (I agree with Brandon Strader) came across as being angry.  It's an open forum.  Asking about the release date is part of open discussion.  If you don't want conversation regarding hype/release/joviality/etc., then it might be best to make Projects a closed forum, open to the artists, project managers, and judges only.  


    I will say that my knowledge of such things are that the more "businesslike" a forum is, the less fun it is, which is completely against my impression of the OCR community.  The main reason I've been lurking the past decade or so is that while I appreciate the work going on here, I have not the musical ability to feel comfortable with carving out a place here for myself.


    Lastly, I will say that for this project in particular, my impression is that folks are less concerned about "when is it coming out," than "IS it coming out."  I'm sure everyone would have to agree that 5 years is a fairly long development period, given that most of it was done years ago.  That's no a critique, I'm sure there are good reasons, but there will also be a natural amount of curiosity.  Curiosity isn't a bad thing, neither is hype for a release.  Since there has been significant movement in the last few months and the release is imminent, I would wager the posts here are more excitement than frustration.  And frustration of "when do I get my free stuff" should just be ignored.


    That's all I have to say.  As I crawl back in my hole I just want to say good luck with the release, and I'm sure it'll be suitably epic. :)

  2. Happy Fifth Anniversary to this project! (at least this thread)

    I'm thrilled to see it moving....I'm not active, but trust me I lurk on the site at least once a day, and this project more than ANY other in the history of OCR has my excitement. I'm thrilled with the track choices and of the remixers doing them, and I wait with baited breath for the release. I love the artwork so far, and commend the team here for sticking with the project over so long a period.

    Cheers! :D

  3. Yeah. Been a while since I logged in.

    LOVE this, say thankya. My favorite VotL mix, and whenever I listen to any of them, if this one doesn't come up, I have to manually pull it just to get a fix.

    All points previously stated are valid: Beat, guitar, rhythm, etc. But what REALLY brings it all together for me is the "cry" in the background. It sounds like the echo of someone falling down a bottomless pit. The song gets the heart going, but that "cry" provides the goosebumps, and really increases the impact, IMHO.

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