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  1. Thirding The Window of the Stars. That'd be a great name for an album.
  2. That's very, very true, lol. And Eidolon Wall is a relatively minor piece, as well, so I wasn't terribly surprised.
  3. So I've given the whole thing three full listens-through. There's definitely some good tracks on this album. I think the standouts for me are as follows: All of Kate Covington's tracks are superb, as per her usual M.O. - I think You Don't Know Me is probably my favorite thing on here. Fixations, Lunar Rebellion, and Craic in the Castle Walls are all amazing, particularly as they showed off tracks I had no real expectations for due to their being tracks that weren't particularly favorites of mine in the game; Fixations in particular struck me strongly, as I had totally forgotten about the w
  4. I've readied my body and the bodies of everyone in the immediate listening vicinity. (Or approximately five square miles. Just to be safe.)
  5. I feel like there would be riots. Glorious, Badass riots.
  6. As a noted hater of putting lyrics into Remixers... this isn't terrible. In fact, it's definitely above average. Claire's voice definitely helps sell it in a big way. It might even end up going on the playlist with the other four remixes with lyrics I have in WMP.
  7. This, plus the way he ran his company, the way he always tried to put customers' fun first, and many other reasons, were why he was one of the very few game execs I had even the slightest respect for. He was definitely one of the good ones.
  8. It's a great rendition of what is - in my opinion, which is therefore likely wrong - the best track off the entire soundtrack; all of the emotion, the longing, of Shovel Knight is captured perfectly by the string-piano one-two punch. It's a hell of a great job, and a hell of a great Remix.
  9. I really don't think I need to say anything else.
  10. My body is so ready that I actually need to borrow a second body to hold all the readiness
  11. My God. I'm not exaggerating here, this remix literally brought tears to my eyes. I don't think any other remix has managed to do that, save maybe "October Rain." A beautifully layered-together piece featuring several of the best pieces off of the masterwork that is the Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack, that somehow takes them and brings the moving scenes of the game to life in a deeply articulated way, while at the same time more than the original tracks (not better, just more). This track made Daniel Kaelin my personal hero. And Stevo for actually making it, of course. Made a somewhat shi
  12. Easily in my top four from the competition, and I'm really, really glad to see it make it to the front page. I admit, it was not what I'd expected from the sources the first time I listened to it, but it's grown on me more and more each time I've listened to it. Great little upbeat track that ought to put a smile on your face.
  13. ^ Gotta second most of this. When I first heard that song, I felt this realization of everything coming together, and a strong determination to take my people down there and end Sephiroth, no matter what came or how many we lost. (I got my ass kicked, incidentally, and had to come back 30ish game hours later with a much stronger team.) While we're on FF7, and are also hugely moving songs for me. Every time I hear Aerith's Theme, I see the first time I saw her die again, when I was so upset and horrified (and angry) that I spent the entire battle afterward cursing Sephiroth and wanting t
  14. ^ Seconding pretty much all of this, although "I Do" is my personal favorite. It's a crying shame she's gone. She was easily my favorite foreign language vocalist, and was ridiculously talented.
  15. New episode: Mega Ran. (Yeah, I know, it was a while ago. I've been ridiculously busy for several months, sue me. )
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