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  1. Oh, I've got a whole bunch of other albums (including four tracks from you! Two from Harmony of a Hunter, one from the Eevee EP, and a non-album one from Wind Waker)and have been following the site in general for just as long as this particular one, but this The Big One, for me.
  2. This project has been what's brought me to the site and to the subforum for the past 2.75-3.75 years. I just want to bask in the moment when it comes.
  3. I keep opening the home page and another tab at the same time and checking this one second, so by the time I do it has switched from "new single" to "Happy Birthday Final Fantasy IX" only to have a brief flutter of excitement followed by disappointment. Every. Single. Day.
  4. So, uh, if this album could be released before my 14 hour trip drive to Texas, that'd be greeeeaaat.
  5. Any news? Looks like back in August there were 3 songs nearly done and 3 still needing work.
  6. Don't worry, the full name is Separate Ways (Worlds Apart). So it's only the secondary name.
  7. So, seven songs left? Which of those seven are required for the album to be considered complete?
  8. According to the "last edited" thing at the bottom of it, it hasn't been updated since March.
  9. Alright, I'm gonna be that guy since it has been around 3 weeks since the last post (also mine) and I'm on the fourth disc of my umpteenth playthrough of FFIX and am super, super excited for this album to be done. Is there any news at all? I know that Fishy was gonna cut it once a certain four or so crucial songs got finished, so what's the word on those songs or some of the less crucial songs that are still being worked on?
  10. Any word on what is left to get wrapped up? The front page hasn't been updated in ages.
  11. Jegus duck, that was amazing. I love that song, I love Django, I loved everything about it. Some of the doubling sounded a bit off, but the work was overall amazing and I could definitely see myself dancing to that rhythm. Good gypsy jazz is great for swing.
  12. I've been trying to wait patiently for the present, but can we at least have a hint at what it is?
  13. Now ya just gotta get someone to motivate them all and get this thing done!
  14. Anything new with the project? It has been about 2.5 months since the last update to the first post. Oh, any chance of Christmas samples again this year?
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