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  1. *shot for offtopicness* Anyways, I'll just be keeping an eye on this topic for awhile. And once again, GOOD LUCK!! *hops on a jet bike and speeds off*
  2. Yeah I'm not a remixer or anything. But I would like to just say... That I'm looking forward to alot of these tracks being remixed. So good luck to you all.
  3. I like it alot. Not too sure why. probably becuase it mixed 2 of my favorite songs of all time together. But it seemed like the main parts of each song were....kinda left out. There were a few of the basic ones. But I was expecting alittle more than that. I could definitly make out some of it. But there were a few parts I was hoping to hear, that I didn't get too. Oh well. Its still a good remix.
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