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    Seriously, I just love video games. I've been listening to OC ReMixes for at least 8 years, more than long enough to have it be a major part of my life. I love you guys.
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  1. I'm currently addicted to Epic Battle Fantasy 4. I did my searching of the site and there is no information on any of the flash games by Matt Roszak; definitely no remixes. I'll keep it short: He makes damn fine RPGs that take a lot more tactical thought than most commercial games, and all of them are free except the latest which costs a whopping 10 bucks. Of course, game play is beside the point and this is about music. The soundtracks are all handled by Halyconic Falcon X, and have a diverse selection of genres although there is a recognizable style to them all. I have linked her bandcamp page below, as well as some songs with brief summaries. If you don't want to make the 40th Ice Cap Zone remix, this song might be worth a try. The instrumentation is textbook "ice stuff" but there's a lot of variation throughout. This is a relaxing solo piano piece that is actually a remix from the previous game. Remixing a remix is not too meta for OCR, see "Dr Wily Haunts FlashMan" This is a long song with a lot of varying instrumentation (and some voice). I'm not entirely sure how one would approach remixing this. This short guitar song sends a powerful message that is quickly reinforced by the events unfolding in battle. "You will die"
  2. Hello everyone. Many times I've thought about requesting lesser known or underrated songs on OCR, but this is the first time I've been so moved that I actually went for it. I am straight up ADDICTED to TowerFall Ascension. I've put in hundreds of failed attempts on each stage as I work to complete all quests on hardcore, and this endeavor could be maddening. Fortunately, the great soundtrack playing through it all keeps me calm and focused. I'm a bit worried that the game will go completely unnoticed though, despite just releasing on Steam and PS4. For one thing, it's a indie game that only people with OUYAs will have even heard of before this. For another thing, it launched alongside Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 in a suicidal (but cool) way to launch 2 games that start with "T" and end with "fall" on the same day. The soundtrack has some hits and some misses, but the hits are really damn good. Of course, this is all subjective opinion. I've linked the composer's bandcamp below. For those who haven't heard of the game (probably everyone) I've also linked a gameplay video on the stage where Rapture plays.
  3. What person who listens to ocremixes isnt a gamer, and what gamer hasn't played an SNES, and what snes didn't have at least one MegaManX Title. You all know the edgey techno mega sound, and if you don't love it then there's something wrong with you. This was the first mix I ever downloaded. At school I'd always use media player to search for game songs, and it always said source: ocremix, so one day I went there and dled my fav song, and to this day its still my fav. Powerful distinct tracks that come together to form this mix, and you better love every minute of it. every 4 measures or so you will notice one of the tracks change a little and then right when ur feeling it, some off the wall lyrics will make your head spin, right before a kicking fast ending, and then you take a breath. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!
  4. This is it people, I have always loved video gaming and the society therein, but when I found this site, my heart stopped. The first thing I did was hunt down music in mega man titles, specifically the X series. This was the third remix I downloaded and it's still my fav after at least 50 other mixes. DarkeSword this is truly how a mix should sound, I could hum along as I knew the track, you didnt change it, you improved it. And the voiceovers nearly made me piss my pants. They arent from that particular title but they fit in just fine. Currently addicted to Resident Evil 4 and the anime Full Metal Alchemist. My email adress is if anyone wants to email me.