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  1. Greetings folks I'm 22 year old male who been playing guitar since 7th grade, who loves video game music. I been in three rock bands each lasting little over two years. Each break up can get little discouraging, but each time video game music gets me right back up and help me to keep on playing.September of last year I got my ass back to school and brought my first PC in Oct.Sometime in Dec. of 04 I found out about this site and fell in love with it, a place were video game music is loved.Anyway dijretzel I love the lay out of the site and its setup, not to long ago I download music players that plays music from nintendo game etc from links that were here in ocremix site music, formats like NSF and GYM also. One day I hope to do my own remix and submit it,I look forward to posting here.
  2. Wow just wow, I know its been mention so many times, but so what I need to express myself. I want to give the biggest thanks to you Richter and everybody involve in this project. Every track is awesome and very different from each other, and Richter the Hedgehog Heaven site was the special touch to it, I love how you set up the site. Also showing what tools you made to make the site, you have influence me more to learn about web development. As always the remix music on the Sonic 2 project gets me going to do my own remix music. Again thanks folks for doing the music in Sonic 2 project and to Richter for setting it up, manging and not givng up on it.Peace