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  1. I listened to this song, and the first thing I thought was, "Wow. I have never been able to sit through that long of a piano song before." Maybe it was because it was a revision of Aeris's theme, but then I heard when the prelude and Aeris' theme were mixed together, and I nearly cried. This is truly a beautiful piece, and actually made me start to respect the piano a little more, and it's a really good thing to know that there are ppiano players in the world dedicated to video game music. I do agree that it does get a little eggagerated at 3:40, but it's actually a nice part to the song. It sounds really calm in the beginning, then it becomes strong and really picks up in mood. And at the end when it's quiet, it perfectly, and i mean flawlessly, ends the song in such a beautiful way, I definately have to mark this as a five-star song in my media player.
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