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  1. Ah CRAP! The cover art contest ends in 9 days and I just barely read about it. I'd LOVE to enter. Check my skills at: ghbarratt.deviantart.com or my sites: ghbarratt.com powersketchdesign.com
  2. I guess you (Dimmignatt) are really on top of things. Especially since you posted less than 15 minutes after me! WOW! I am a dope for not listening to your wip first. I think it kicks @$$! Keep it up. I do not think I would give you much competition. I am going to decline my offer for now. Sorry everyone, but you do not need my help on THAT song. Dimmignatt knows EXACTLY what to do with it! I will consider doing some other song from the game and get back to everyone if I decide to do something unclaimed. Is that cool? You can sign me on as maybe for now if you want.
  3. I am changing this post cause I quickly changed my mind. Sorry! Dimmignatt has got it covered too nicely to interfere. I will consider doing an unclaimed song. Originally posted: I have recently finished a remix and I have been considering remixing the "team shadow" theme even before ever seeing that this project existed. I know Dimmignatt is signed on to do that song. I imagine his skills are passed my own but I would really like to take a stab at that song. If you decide it is good enough then add it, if not, then don't. So you can sign me on for making a version of the Phantom team (Team Shadow) theme. I own the game in the old NES cartridge format and I play it on the console with a friend of mine on occasion. I love the game. Always have. Perhaps you need some proof of my skills? I can't say I am the best out there. My Faxanadu remix found on my site is reflective of my current skill level. You can get it off my site: http://ghbarratt.com/music Well, I hope that helps. I am likely to at least start this song. If Dimmignatt has any complaints, no problem, I will simply decline my offer and let him take the show. Let me know what you think.
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