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  1. i'll let you all get creative. i need a sig, but here are the requirements 1. anime (a fox or heavily coated guy peferably) or something to do with star fox or gundam wing 2. something having to do with cold weather thanks in advance
  2. hey, can i get a sig with sonic and shadow with te chaos emeralds, and put my ame at the bottom
  3. We need someone for sheena's theme put your request for help on your sig or make a banner
  4. Yeah you are. That is pretty cool. By the way, I'm dying to know, where does your little animation of tricycle drift come from? that is pretty funny, did you make it yourself?
  5. I joined another message board community,(i'm not leaving ocr) but can someone make a sig for me. The sn is Desert Wolf feel free to get creative (though I have some ideas)
  6. I'm glad this is finaly happening, but sadly I don't have an emulator, so I can't mix, burt i'll advertise
  7. Hey man you take all the time you need. I'm not one to rush genius. I'm in no hurry. Thanks for lettin me know though. I was begining to think you had forgotten about me! I really appreciate what your doin man. You dudes from San Antone are allright! Yo Captain Hulk what part of Houston you from? I thought I was the only Houstonian here. Now I know someone who shares my pain! I lived there for 3 years. The weather and traffic are a bitch, but people knock Houston too much. It's really a cool city. Thanks for understanding, I'll have the sig to you shortly. You forgot the smell! I don't live i
  8. can anyone do my name with a Link theme but with brown hair?
  9. the font like on the cover with the sword & shield if it is too much leave the sword and shield part out
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